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Speakout 3/27

Sunday, March 27, 2005

I have been living in Sikeston for about three years now. I travel all over the United States. I would like to know why Sikeston is one of the dirtiest as far as being littered up. I would like to know why people seem to need throw their trash outside of their vehicles instead of waiting until they get somewhere they can put their trash in a trash dumpster. Are the politicians going to do anything about cleaning this place up? It needs cleaning.

This is in response to schools as parents. You are right Granny, schools should make those good-for-nothing kids cut their hair just above the eyes. A half-inch past the eyes is unacceptable and should be dealt with severely. If the kids don't take care of it themselves, an Army drill sergeant should visit the school and shave any non-complying student. While he is at it he should shave a swastika on their forehead or property of SHS or property of Grandma. Second time offenders should be shot on sight. By the way, Granny, I'm being sarcastic. What is the matter with skateboarding anyway? You make it sound like it is a bad thing. In case you were curious - and I know you aren't - it is actually just another aerobic activity that focuses on balance and coordination. So shut your cry hole. Now, I would like to address your 13-

year-old nephew - Dude, I've been there. Do your thing the only way you know how. What is important are your grades and staying sober. This will take you way farther in life than a pretty haircut. And try to be respectful. I know it can be hard. Granny, I'm serious. Lighten up. Check your priorities. Let the kid have his freedom in his own little way or you risk a serious back lash in the near future that can leave emotional scars on both of you for years, possibly forever. Don't you know the harder you push someone to comply with you, the harder they will resist? Try loving and understanding him instead of criticizing him. I used to have a skateboard and have long hair until one day I cut it.

I am a mother of a daughter who is attending Three Rivers Community College as a student. We were planning on applying to SEMO this week for the bachelor's program but I believe this is out of the question at this time with the actions that SEMO has done. Their under-handed actions and circumstances. I have always tried to teach my daughter to be honest and straight-forward but SEMO has not done this. SEMO agreed to an agreement and once TRCC built up an off-campus site then SEMO pulled out. They wanted more money. We are looking at different alternatives such as Hannibal-LaGrange or William Woods. It looks like SEMO is making promises it can not keep. I think they are TRCC students then once they get them they will raise the prices when the students are already involved in the program. I believe a warning should be made to high school students to be careful and not be pulled into SEMO's trap. I have been told by students from off-campus sites that SEMO is going onto the campuses and pulling them out trying to get them to attend SEMO's classes and not TRCC. Let's not forget that these are young, impressionable minds and they are trying to concentrate on their studies. How can they when they are pulled. Also I know that SEMO is trying to get TRCC students by offering them more money. That is terrible. If something isn't broken then leave it alone. SEMO just wants more money they are not concerned with the students.

This is to the man in Florida who killed the little 9-year-old girl. I hope and pray that you don't live to see the next day in prison. I hope they take you and you die before you walk in that prison door. I hope they take care of you for life. You deserve to be dead. You had no right to do that to an innocent 9-

year-old child. If all sex offenders should get what they are due to them, then this world would be a better place to live in.