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Speakout 10/5

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

I'd like to speak out about the article on the billboards. I live in Miner and I work in Cape, and I was just driving by where they let the state cut all them pear trees down out there and now all you have to look at is all them dingy signs everyday on the way home from work. I'm just upset over it. I agree with the lady or whoever it was that called in about them billboards.

This is for whoever put Bush bashing in there. I think he must have got it all wrong. If anybody lied it wasn't him. Who put the gays in the military? Clinton. Who was having sex in the White House? Clinton. Who was the problem of it all? Clinton. Let him rethink things over. He must have been asleep. I don't think a gay would vote for Bush. And on abortion, I think he's wrong there.

This is a thank you for MoDot for paving the shoulder on Highway 60 in front of the Charleston Country Club. We appreciate any paving you can do. It really helps and keeps the gravel off the road and makes everybody safer. Thanks for a good job.

Mike, are you really this dumb? You say we have oil refinery shortages in this country. And then you go on about how drilling is our answer. Drilling does not build refineries, drilling just gives the companies more oil. Oil from land, that we the taxpayers own, and they want to control. In the mid 1990's, the American Petroleum Institute warned that if the US Petroleum industry didn't reduce its refineries, it would never see any substantial increase in profit margins. Immediately, Mobil, Chevron and Texaco reduced refinery capacity and drove independent refiners out of business. Prices went up. And here we are, with no local newspaper to tell us how we really got here.

Not sure what you're smoking or reading. The lawsuits to prohibit refinery expansion have environmental fingerprints on them.

Mike, if future generations curse our stupidity, as you say, don't be cursing that we weren't informed enough to know what our problems really were. Blaming the environmentalists and the environmental laws about our gas prices, misses the fact that our oil companies, not the environmental groups that used the regulatory process to close refineries, create shortages and limit competition. Shame on you, Mike, for not informing the public or maybe you yourself, don't know. Now, that's worth cursing about.

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Here we go again. These people trying to raise the price of cigarettes. And then you got to look at this way. Now they are gonna make everybody who don't have insurance, make them think they are gonna get insurance. When they can't get it just because they raise the price of cigarettes. These guys have ways of being so sneaky that we actually ought to get rid of them because they are nothing but yay hoos. They are nothing but people preying upon the people. These people promise you insurance and things like that, when you ain't gonna get a dang dime. If you are looking at it, you are a dummy. They want you to vote their way. They are a bunch of sick people. Cigarettes have been on the market for years. The price is not gonna help out anything. You're not gonna get the money it will go to someone else. What I'm saying is, it's about time America gets its head straight and find out what's going on. Every time they want to raise taxes, they're pocketing the money. Let's not let that happen. Git r dun.