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Speakout 3/20

Sunday, March 20, 2005

I am an elderly lady in pretty bad health and can't get out much. I live in a housing project. It was a very nice place to live until they started letting young people on disability move in when it was meant to be only for the elderly. Now there are drugs and all kinds of running in and out day and night which makes the elderly very uncomfortable. Please help us elderly to have peace and quiet. It is not fair to us.

- - -

I am calling in about the housing for the elderly. I don't know why they are letting the disability move to these places that are for the elderly. They claim to be disabled and they are not - they are drug heads. Something needs to be changed. The elderly do not need to live in this turmoil. You don't feel safe. They run in and out day and night. It is getting worse and worse. It doesn't seem to do any good to report to the folks who are suppose to be managing these places. All you get from them is you have to have proof, which is a bunch of bull. Something needs to be changed.

I'm calling about the article that was written in the paper about the daycare system. I also agree with the woman who wrote this article. I have children ages 1 and half and 3 years old and my daughters have been in two different daycares. The facilities aren't clean and they are not being taken care of yet they want you to pay $75 a week per child to be in these facilities. If anyone knows of a good daycare facility out there I would like to know about it. I work late hours and long and on the weekends it is hard to find a good daycare. I understand these people have a hard job but they should treat our children like they would treat their own children. I've had problems with even getting my own baby's diaper changed and when my daughter is going to bed at appropriate hours. They are putting her on the bed at 7 o'clock so they don't have to deal with them. To me, that isn't fair to me because when I get off work I am tired and I want to go to bed. But I also agree with the woman about the daycares, the state should check these facilities more because the last daycare my children went to there were snakes in the daycare, they weren't being taken care of, their diapers weren't being changed, there was a woman there I didn't want my children around because she had a drug felony and such.

It looks to me like this thing between SEMO University and Three Rivers is a money-grab by SEMO. They had a program where a student with a certain grade level can go to a community college and the state paid tuition through the years it is cutting into SEMO's dollar amount and they are trying to reclaim it by force.

Five stars kudos to Mike Jensen for his editorial today, March 13, regarding the murderer Stanley Hall and the victim Barbara Jo Wood. He is exactly 100 percent correct. If we are going to get back on a moral course in this country, we are going to have to have more common-sense reasoning that Mike has.