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No mercy is needed for this murderer

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

I'm sitting here reading the most repulsive story I've seen in quite a while. The story makes you realize that there are some among us who should be treated very differently and there are some among us who deserve absolutely no mercy.

Convicted sex offender Joseph Duncan is the scumbag who killed three members of an Idaho family in May and then abducted their two small children. He later also killed one of the children but was ultimately captured with Shasta Groene still by his side. Duncan was a convicted sex offender who had skipped bond in another state.

The young girl is just now telling the story of her six weeks on the run with Duncan. And the story she tells should convince everyone that Duncan deserves to die and to die soon. Why waste time and money with a trial? Administer justice today and make it swift and sure.

Duncan used the six weeks on the run to tell details of the murders to his young captive. He bragged on how he used a shotgun and hammer to kill her mother and brother. He told of casing the family home for three days using night vision goggles to monitor their activities.

Shasta watched as Duncan shot and killed the three people in her home. Duncan then proudly showed her the hammer he had used to kill her mother. And he was up-front with his reason - he had kidnapped the girl and her young brother for purposes of sex.

Joseph Duncan deserves absolutely nothing from society. He does not deserve a trial nor compassion at any level. Those who oppose the death penalty need to listen closely to the horror stories told by his young captive. And then they need to re-examine their twisted attitudes toward those who commit these unbelievable crimes.

Innocent until proven guilty is the foundation of our judicial system. But when the issue of innocence is beyond a doubt, why spend time and effort to give Duncan or any other one like him one more day on this earth?

I believe most of you believe as I do on this issue. We lean far beyond fairness in giving opportunities for the criminals of society and we spend far too little effort considering the victims. This young girl most obviously will never be the same. Her life has changed forever. To give Joseph Duncan one more day on this earth is wrong, cruel and counter to common sense and logic.

Duncan deserves no day in court. He deserves a day with the executioner. And that day cannot come soon enough.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen