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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Speakout 8/4

Thursday, August 4, 2005

I was reading in your July 27 paper where somebody was talking about Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson not paying for anything and the things that they do. They should just be worried about something else because who cares anyway.

So many times we complain about bad things people do, but seldom do we make mention of the good things people do. I want to take this opportunity to mention two young men who did something that most of us wouldn't have taken the time out of our busy lives to do, and I think they should be noticed for this. My husband and his crew were roofing a house last week in the steaming, humid heat when these two young men just happened to walk by. They didn't think anything of it, but in a few minutes the young men came back. And with them they had a couple bags of ice cold sodas. One of them handed them to my husband and said, "It is so hot today and we thought you and your boys could use a cold drink." My husband told him that he really appreciated this and he offered to pay the young men but they refused the money. Then they got to talking and found out that one of the young men worked at Save-A-Lot in the meat department. He didn't get his name but I just wanted to say a special "thanks" to him and his friend for being so kind. If only there more people like these two young men in this world, it would be a better world to live in. Again we want to say "thank you."

I just read a speakout from someone who claimed to be in the healthcare profession and who made reference to the Terry Schiavo case. I'd like to reply to their message. My family recently struggled with my elderly mother's prolonged suffering and death. I used to see your type come into her room, lift her skinny little arm, and jab that IV needle into her for that procedure "to sustain life" which you spoke of so lovingly. We watched as you gagged her with your suction devices, and the sounds of your machines made us feel as though we were in some grotesque science fiction movie. We would watch, helplessly, as the pain registered on her ghostly face. What is the point of dragging someone through this valley of tears when loved ones and angels are waiting? When we asked for help from hospice, it was as if the clouds parted and the gates of heaven opened. These angels of mercy helped us tremendously, most of all my mom. They brought us peace and understanding, and we feared no more. These were the people we wanted to see come through her door, not you. If you truly believe in God, it will help you overcome your morbid fear of death. It is part of life, just as He planned it. To let someone die a natural death is not legally killing them, and that is a grossly ignorant statement. Twice you used the term "being ripped apart" to describe your feelings about your work. Sounds to me like you're in the wrong profession.

Mike, I'm a Democrat who agrees with you about Medicaid births draining our resources, and I am one of many. I've always wondered what role the doctors who deliver these babies play in this scenario. They're on the front lines of this, and I never hear about any efforts they're making to alleviate this situation. They're the ones who are in nearest proximity to these women at such a crucial time in their lives. Do they educate their patients about birth control, or do they back away from that responsibility? Would it be terrible to suggest that some of that money we spend to bring these babies into the world would be better spent on birth control education programs, pills, devices, etc.? Or could it be that there are strong political groups and religious organizations who use their influence to forbid family planning and to support those ridiculous abstinence-only programs?