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Speakout 8/24

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I would like to very much to agree with anything and everything Diane Chappell put in the paper about hospice. I don't think anyone realizes what this is all about unless you have had the experience of their help. I have been fortunate enough to have them there for me at three different times in my life. These people are there for you at any time. It is never too late at night, it is never too early in the day. No one knows how much comfort they can provide. It is something you need more than you even know yourself. I only pray to God that we have them for as long as we live. I saw smiles on faces when the last minutes are coming instead of tears. They have helped them over that very, very bad time. May God bless each of you and take care of you and provide the strength and the knowledge and everything in what you do for us. I thank you so much for the care that you have given us after our loved ones are gone because that it when it hurts so bad. Diane, please keep up the good work. All of your girls, all of your people because this is a very, very good friend of yours and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- - -

Just read Your View in Aug. 15th. Hospice and Diane Chappell put it straight on the line. They are not there all the time but most times a person who is terminally ill has family members with them and they are the ones who take care of the patient's want. To me they are the care givers. I know my husband had hospice, my brother-in-law, my sister and my brother had their help and our family was always there with our care and love and support. You don't make a person eat or drink nor do you fail to give it to them if they want it. Read Your View again. That is how it works and thanks Diane for setting things straight.

I'm a citizens of Miner and I have been away from town for several months. I have always enjoyed coming home, especially in the spring time of the year and the summer to see the pretty green trees out on the interstate. I came home about a week or so ago and I saw they had all been cut. It looks disastrous. All I see now is little twigs that they planted there and died out. That was always one of the pretty spots in Miner. I can never understand why they let the state do that.

This is just a word of thought for America today. Where sun and moon endures, America shall remain as a city of refuge for the whole earth. Until she herself shall play the tyrant. Forgive her destiny, disgrace her freedoms and provoke her God. Aug. 27, 1776. Written by George Guffield, patriot preacher. Think about it America.

I'm referring to the article in Speakout, "It is our business." in the paper Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2005. I never read a truer statement in Speakout or a more sensible one. I admire that person's spunk to put it in there that knows that, it is a fact.

This is response to "Setting an example." I am the stepfather they are referring to in the Speakout. I would like to say if they are going to sit back and let the umpires take the game away from the children anyway let's not go to Kentucky next year then we won't have to set a bad example.

This is to the "lady" who thinks everything is her business because she works sooooo hard and pays her taxes. In the first place, I wasn't talking to you. (So, mind your own business!) and secondly, if you work at a doctor's office, then you are one of the guilty parties I was talking about. You know the saying, if the shoe fits! Now, here's you a piece of cheese with your whine.