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Speakout 2/24

Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm calling about all the trains and the railroad crossings and all that stuff. I have lived on the west side of the railroad tracks for years and there was never nothing said when I lived over here about the emergency vehicles being able to have a place to cross and all that stuff. So now why after all these big homes have been built up north and on the west side do they start worrying about it now? They sure didn't worry about it when us little peons were living over there. So why worry about it now?

I just wondered if you can tell me why the price of diesel fuel is $2.69 on one end of Sikeston, while it is $2.25 on the other end? Just curious.

Every young boy wants to be a baseball player or a cowboy. The baseball players are all drunks or dope heads. Now Hollywood has turned the cowboys into homosexuals. John Wayne will probably turn over in his grave.

Mike, I read your editorials every week and I think they are tremendous. They're great. But this is something that you need to approach that no one seems to want to. And that's about innocent people who have been accused falsely, and spend time for crime they did not commit because they are young and they are scared and if cop tells them they will get to go home they will admit to anything. Later in life, you have an over zealous probation officer that goes around lying and destroys people's lives. There's got to be something in the American justice that will put a stop to this. There are young women and men that are in prison today that have been illegally charged because they have been afraid because they were told that if they admitted to something they could go home, then they spend the rest of their life in prison. Or wind up dead in a jailhouse somewhere. If you don't know what you're talking about, you need to keep your mouth shut. Lives are being destroyed. Too many people are being labeled guilty when they are not. Probation and parole, some one needs to come down on them, too. In 1974, there was a privacy act which said you didn't go around spreading lies and rumors on people. So Michael, why don't you check this out?

I appreciate the walker and the cane that was given to my mother. Now she needs a lift chair or recliner. If you have one that you would like to give away or sell real cheap, give me a call at 472-6307. She's in need of one. It would be greatly appreciated.

I'm calling about the Sports Section. I think it's sexist. They only show guy's sports. I'm a girl basketball player at Kelly High School and I think our team is excellent. I think that girl's sports should be in the paper and all we see is guy's sports. It's getting really tiring.