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Speakout 8/18

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm tired of all the people calling in on Social Security for disabled. I live in a $24,000 house. My son is disabled. We got a letter in. They took the dental, so much medical off, doctor's foot care, you name it - breathing things, wheelchairs, crutches for the poor and disabled. They did not tax the welfare people. It says any pregnant woman can still get their Medicaid and all the welfare and all the benefits and even her kids until they are 19 years old. This stuff about checking out Medicaid cause they want free housing and everything, they did not touch it. The reason they did not touch it was because they knew if they touched welfare they might lose some votes. So the didn't hit welfare, they just hit the disabled and the elderly and the low-

income people that can't afford any health insurance. Get one of those letters and see what they cut out. See for yourself that they didn't cut out for pregnant women. Basically what they are saying they are penalizing you for marrying, trying to work and make a living but it is OK for you to be pregnant all the time. They give to people with a bunch of kids left and right, more money than the ones actually trying to work and be married.

I would like to Speakout. This is for Mr. Blunt. How in the world could you do this to poor people. I have a daughter that is 41 years old and is autistic. She works every day at the workshop, works very hard and makes about $60 a month. I'm elderly and I am sick and disabled. Now they are taking away her shoes. She got her shoes because she is a bad diabetic and over weight. Now Mr. Blunt you took away my daughter's shoes. I hope you eat a good steak tonight for your supper and I hope you sleep well because my daughter is suffering. She cried because she won't get her shoes. I don't know how you sleep and I don't know how you live with yourself to do this to the poor people because they don't deserve this. I hope one of these days you will be sorry that did this to the poor people. God is going to get you for this. Shame on you Mr. Blunt.

I say amen to the person who called in the Speakout "Watch who you blame." I agree 100 percent. If the doctors didn't write the prescriptions the people couldn't get these medications that they don't need It is just a vicious circle. The people on Medicaid get the drugs they don't need, the Xanax, the Valium and all that other crap. The doctors have to write the prescriptions before the people can get the medicines so that is where you need to start.

Mike, I was just at Memorial Park. The grass is over a foot high. The weeds are to the top of the monuments. Please, you always look into things. See what you can find out about this. I am not able to mow around my mother and my father and my daughter's graves. This hurts so bad. This cemetery is just like a field that is overgrown. I wish you would go down and make pictures and tell us what to do.

I want to know how these people can rent houses so high that this people on fixed-incomes cannot afford them any more. What is this world coming to? Poor people can't afford a decent home anymore. How are we suppose to live if we are to pay such high, high rent? I hope somebody knows the answer.

When I go out and eat, I pay a good price for food and I expect to get decent food. Here lately when I have gone out to eat I have found hair in my food. My question is why doesn't the health department require those that prepare our food to wear hair nets. I always thought it was mandatory for those who cook and prepare food to wear hair nets. I had breakfast at a local restaurant and had hair in my food that I ordered. I pushed the food to one side, paid the bill and I will never go back to this place of business. This isn't the first time for this to happen to me. A place of business where the cooks aren't wearing hair nets, we, the customers, should boycott that place of business. That is all we would have to do is boycott the place of business where the employees are not wearing hair nets and they would start wearing hair nets just to get our business. These places need to be inspected by the health department. It isn't just the city of Sikeston and other towns, also.