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Speakout 11/18

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I stopped at a pharmacy the other day and I heard some people up front talking about and making fun of some stuff that happened to some people. They shouldn't do that. It can happen to them just as well as the other ones that didn't think anything bad would happen. They shouldn't make fun of other people and laugh at them either.

I'm going to quote Mike Jensen's Tuesday, Nov. 6 editorial, "If this were 2008, the politics of Hillary Clinton are clearly designed to create class warfare in this country by taking from those who produce and giving to those who cannot or will not. To that single point, there is absolutely, positively no disagreement. So your point of view is likely swayed by the position in which you find yourself. Don't be so isolated to think this discussion is isolated to universal heath care or the impending depletion of Social Security benefits. Those are just two of the hot topics." There's a couple of ways to think about this. I think Mike is completely wrong when he claims his opinion is absolute and brings absolutely and positively no disagreement. He cannot prove that Hillary Clinton wants to take away from those who produce and give to those who cannot. Now he might offer up various sentences of Mrs. Clinton taken out of context at different times, but that doesn't prove his point. And the second thing is don't be so shallow as to think this discussion is isolated to universal health care and the impending depletion of Social Security benefits. Apparently, Mike is too shallow to go beyond that himself. He brings up those two, but what if the reader is not so shallow as to think that that's all there is. If that's not all there is, maybe Mike can give us an example of other topics that prove that Mrs. Clinton is designing to create a class war. Mike Jensen has got something against Hillary Clinton. I don't know why, but it's obviously incoherent. Maybe he should go fishing or get a hobby. This obsession with Hillary can't be doing him any good. I hope we continue to talk about this Mike.

Why don't you and I skip election day because we are obviously going to cancel each other's vote.

In response to the SpeakOut, Look Ma, no cavities, I would like to clarify that parents sign a release for publication of name or photo of minor patient forms in order for their child's name to be published as a member of the Cavity Free Club. This is not in violation of HIPAA regulations. People and children are proud when the dentist tells them they are cavity free. Our goal as dentists is to encourage parents to be involved in the oral health of their children by keeping dental appointments and monitoring brushing, flossing and diet at home.

This is in regard to the hit and run that took place Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 1:30 p.m. at the Goodwill here in Sikeston. You were seen and the police have your tag number. It's just a matter of time and they will come knocking at your door. What goes around comes around. You are a coward.