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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

Speakout 6/25

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I just want to call and maybe try to point out a few things about the Miner Council. It is amazing that for the last several years there has not been any front page council meetings and all of sudden as soon as someone comes back to the Miner City Council we are back on the front page again. How mysterious.

Our reporter never stopped covering the meetings, maybe you just stopped reading for a while.

I miss our local radio show. Does anyone else feel the same way?

This is to the lady on Sikes who is now keeping her two Beagles on leashes as the law states. Thanks for abiding by the leash law but now when you walk your dogs down the street will you please not stop in every neighbor's yard and allow your dogs to use the bathroom on our plants and flowers. If we want that type of material in the yard we would own dogs and allow them to do that. If you are going to continue to allow your dogs to do that please take a pooper-scooper or something with you and clean up after your animals.

Read in the Friday, June 16 paper where the Mississippi County commissioners agreed to do things the way many other counties have done for years until they hear from a state tax official. However, today they received a letter from Randy Turley, chief council for the state tax commission, but the commissioners took no action. It said because Mississippi maintenance plan requires the general revenue fund be deposited in the assessment fund by April 1 the Mississippi County Commission is required by law to do so. I guess they had a typo it should have said Missouri maintenance plan. What is Mr. Turley, the chief council for the state tax commission, if he is not an official with the state tax commission, what is he? Chopped liver or something?

I was just wondering if the Sikeston Jaycees have announced who is going to be at the rodeo this year. If they did, I didn't see it. Could you put the names in the paper?

As we announced earlier, this year's entertainers are: Trace Atkins, Aug. 9; Terri Clark, Aug. 10; Craig Morgan, Aug. 11; and Keith Anderson, Aug. 12.

I just wanted to thank the citizens of Miner for re-electing someone that really shows their intelligence every time they go to a council meeting. I am very thankful that I recently moved out of the city of Miner and I no longer have to be associated with the circus meetings and the front page headlines every time the council has a meeting. Thanks very much Miner, you have run me off and I hope you enjoy what you get.