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Speakout 9/22

Friday, September 22, 2006

I would like to find out why Sikeston Junior. High did not take a moment out for silence, on Monday, Sept. 11th? How very disrespectful of every teacher and principal/principals in that school. My son goes to school there and told me they didn't have anything other then an essay about 9-11 that is due later on. Now, just because you bunch of snobby nose "adults" ran off to college instead of enlisting in the military, doesn't make you any dadgum better than the firefighters who died while trying to save lives that day, or the people who were all employed in these buildings that died while helping a fellow co-

worker find their way, or the policemen who were standing too close to the towers when they collapsed on top of them! All it tells me is you are unfit to be in the military , not to mention, just an outright coward. But for you to not offer any sort of support or respect for any child in your school, who might of directly or indirectly been effected by 9-11, now that's just a terrible sin and one day, you will all have to answer for that sin.

Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate here in Missouri, Claire McCaskill at a fundraiser in the city of St. Louis on Sept. 9. During his remarks Clinton was critical of the Bush national security policy. It is interesting to note that in Aug. 1995, President Clinton issued executive order 12968 that stated individuals eligible for access to classified material pertaining to national security must have a "record of strength of character, trustworthiness, honesty, reliability, discretion, sound judgment, as well as freedom from conflicting allegiances and potential for coercion." It also should be noted that three months later Clinton started his sexual affair with someone young enough to be his daughter. Also, in the book "Dereliction of Duty" written by Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson, USAF (Ret) he revealed Clinton lost the launch codes to our top secret nuclear weapon system during Paula Jones' depositions. Patterson had the misfortune of being a military aide to Clinton in the White House, with these terrible security lapses Clinton has no business being critical of Bush's national security.

I was in a store and they had to call an ambulance for a lady. The man that came to take care of her was very rude. He even told the lady that if she didn't do what he told her, he was just going to leave. There was a small blonde headed lady with him. She kept telling the lady to just stay calm, that she was there to help her. The man even told the girl to get out of his way, that he would take care of things himself. They called the police to come in and another ambulance. The first man would not even help put the woman in the ambulance. He told this little girl to do it herself. If he is not there to help people, then maybe he needs to find another job. I hope if I ever need an ambulance, I don't get this guy. I maybe dead before I get to the hospital.

I don't know who is responsible for the roadwork on Route P, but it is the pits. Is that the best you can do? Yeah, the potholes are gone but you can't drive over 40 mph are your head bobbles like a bobble-head dog on the dash. Hope the state didn't do that job and if the county did, well they need training on how to put that stuff down. Come on commissioners, get off your behinds and give taxpayers decent roads to drive on and get the job done right. We are paying your salaries and retirements. Come on.

I'd like to speak out about war. When is United States going to learn that you can't have a nice war? When our nation is not able to go into a nation and bomb it to dust then when need not bother that nation at all. We never learned a lesson in Vietnam, we have not learned a lesson in Iraq. When are we gonna learn this lesson? If we have a difference with anyone so severe as to attack them, we need to be able to attack them to bomb them into dust, or not bother them at all.

What is going to take for MoDOT to start checking the grain hauling trucks? They are overloaded and most of them won't even pass inspection. It's like MoDOT and the farmers have a deal worked out. My brother works for a farmer and he actually switched license plates from one trailer to another and he can't get them to put better tires on these trucks and trailers. He's afraid that something might happen and someone might get killed. He's driven seven different trucks this year and the brakes were bad on every one of them. Check these trucks and keep us safe on the roads.