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Drug users willing to risk death for high

Thursday, April 27, 2006

On too many occasions lately, I have read news reports that defy my imagination. Much of the reason is because I am getting older and I tolerate stupidity less than I once did. But I also find that I am getting increasingly tired of hearing about and dealing with the dysfunctional, fringe element of society. Too much time, effort and money are spent on those who deserve exactly what they get out of life.

It seems there's a bit of a crisis in Philadelphia this week because of some tainted heroin. Some street pusher is selling an extremely potent batch of heroin that has thus far killed nine heroin users. But here's the irony of the situation. The estimated 10,000 heroin addicts in Philadelphia are trying like hell to get their hands on this new powerful drug. They are willing to risk death for that "ultimate high." And that, for some reason, has officials concerned.

In the past week alone, 70 addicts have been hospitalized (I wonder who is paying for that treatment?) And the city fears that more will die as they try to get their hands on this potent heroin.

As cruel as it may seem, why bother? If heroin addicts want to take their own lives by using a drug they know will likely kill them, is it the role of government to halt their stupidity? I can fully understand government officials searching for the ones selling the drugs and they should pursue those drug dealers vigorously.

But the drug users are telling officials that no amount of warning will stop them from attempting to get this heroin "rush." And they are willing to die in their pursuit.

City officials said they had never faced a similar situation. On the one hand they want to alert heroin users to the potential harm with the new drug but, at the same time, they know that the more publicity, the more the addicts will go in search of the new drug.

And so ask yourself why we spend the time and resources to protect those who are hell-bent on bringing harm to themselves?

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen