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Nobody asked me but ...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nobody asked me but...are you guys happy over there at Dexter? Today we are running an article on Eric Sitze and his pending resignation as the head boys coach at Dexter. It is a sad day for all area coaches. Not that Sitze is stepping down, but the way it came about.

Sitze and others can be politically correct about the situation, but the plain and simple truth is that Sitze was forced out. You can him-haw all you want about it being his choice to step down. Don't be that naive. Why would anybody want to coach at a school where it is quite apparent, you are not wanted?

The greatest threat to coaches in the high school ranks are the parents of the kids they coach. Only the parents know what is best for the team and their kids. Don't try and correct a child, because if you try, expect a meeting with said parent and administration. The same situation will occur if you bench said child in favor of another. And whatever you do, please don't raise your voice at a child. Mommy and Daddy won't like their sunshine being mistreated.

The situation has gotten out of hand because administrators in a school system refuse to show any backbone to parents. If you enable one parent with a meeting, what is going to stop another and another from getting the same treatment.

Coaches only have the best interest of the kids and the team at heart. No grudges or favorites happen like in the movies. The coaches spend a lot of time in practices and know the kids' abilities, good or bad. Let them do what they are paid to do, coach to the best of their ability.

Be on your toes Dexter coaches for the next school year. If your team should fall on hard times and finish with a disappointing season, look out. Dexter parents and fans will not stand for a losing season, parish the thought.

In all seriousness, if the heat is on football coach Aaron Pixley or girls basketball coach Gavin Miller after a tough season, all will be lost at Dexter. For me it will be a Michael and Fredo Corleone situation, Dexter sports will be dead to me.

Both Miller and Pixley do yeoman work at their respective positions and are in my humble opinion, the best you can get. Tread lightly people of Dexter, tread lightly.

* It is official, if the Cards lose, the other team must be cheating. After Greg Maddux of the Chicago Cubs shut them out last week, Cards manager Tony LaRussa had the umps check the ball Maddux was throwing. Not once. But twice.

Nobody cries when Albert Pujols hits mammoth homer after homer. Nobody screams 'he must be on steroids'. Nobody but me, but that is a topic for another day.

All I ever hear from Card fans is how whiny Cub fans are. Seems to me, that the shoe is on the other foot now.

The Keith Hernandez comments about the fact that Major League dugouts should be for men only, is prehistoric. However, what is a massage therapist doing on the bench anyway, regardless of gender?

So what now? A Padres player will walk over to the therapist and request a 30-minute rubdown during a game? Not agreeing with Hernandez about females on the bench, but come on, does a team need a massage therapist on the bench for the entire game? What is next, an astrologist?

Oh, and did anybody notice that the therapist happened to be quite the looker?

Cardinal TV broadcasts need to get the left on base (LOB) stat, off the box score. All together now, just need runs, hits and errors.

And finally, nobody asked me but...Sikeston boys and girls soccer head coach Derrick Long is doing an outstanding job in his position. From the ashes, the soccer program at Sikeston is reaching new heights.

The boys have won back-to-back district titles and the girls team recently reached a new high in team wins for one year. In a sport that receives little recognition nationwide, Long is doing wonders and deserves some recognition.

Kudos should also be spread out to the individuals who run the soccer little league program in Sikeston. The rise in the high school programs obviously has its genesis at the lower levels.