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Speakout 6/26

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today is Wednesday, June 20, and this is my third request. My home phone number is 471-2331, which I didn't feel the need to put the phone number in. What I'm looking for is to see if there is anyone that works on grandfather clocks and if anyone does work on grandfather clocks, please leave their phone number in Speakout.

This is Wednesday, June 20 and I want to Speakout this is "Come on over." This is to "Face the truth." Sure everyone has their differences. You need some pride. My parents instilled pride in me, the Marine Corps did that and I don't need somebody from the other side of the street to try to tell me what pride is. I ain't lowering myself. I'm just standing up for what I believe just like you are. So don't lower yourself below others to try to convince other people that they are wrong. We just have two different people with two different opinions. I've been in Sikeston that is why I moved from Sikeston. Sure, there are good people everything and everywhere. But face the truth? I faced the truth a long time and you are just another one I'm facing right now. That is just another thing in life we deal with. It ain't no big deal. You live there, I live here. We both get along just fine where we live at. It is just a piece of paper, it is just words and it is my word against your word. So don't take it personal about what I care about what you think, because I don't. I believe in what I do and I like it here in Miner. My name is Come On Over.

I was wondering if East Prairie is going to the cats? We have a dog leash law but we have nothing to do with the stray cats. I live in a house and have a neighbor who has probably 12 cats. They use the bathroom in all of my flowers, they are breaking my flowers and my yard stinks all because of these stray cats. I've talked to the city alderwoman and can't get nothing done. I was wondering if there is any thing legal in another way I could do about them. Has East Prairie gone to the cats?

Free or not free. This is to the lady who had the free Chihuahua puppies to give away. When I called about the puppies, she had given them all away except one. She told me a lady was suppose to be coming to look at the last one. She told me in 30 minutes to call her back, giving the lady time to look at it and she would give it to me. Within 30 minutes of my time I call her back and when I called her back the second time she said she was trying to figure out where the lady was driving from. She was suppose to get off from work at 4:30. First of all, I don't think it is her place to figure out how far the lady had to drive to look at the puppy. Second of all, if the lady wanted the puppy, she would have been there within the time she told the lady. So within an hour or so, I call her back and she told me the lady was going to come get the puppy the next day. So to you lady, first all I don't think you know how to give away free stuff. Point blank, I think it was an issue of color. God bless you and have a good day.

I think it is ashamed when a person brings food or does anything for anyone and expects something in return. You need to check your heart. If its the only reason you do for others then most would prefer you keep your food and whatever else you intend on giving.