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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

Speakout 7/8

Friday, July 8, 2005

Edgar Ray Killion, Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, Scott Peterson and you talk about racial discrimination.

This race card is just getting to be too ridiculous. If a store closes at 6:30 it is closed. If I were to go and not be let in could I use a white race card? Oprah has just gotten too big and powerful. She talks about morals and family life yet lives in sin with apparently no intention of getting married. She has morals similar to Jesse Jackson. She has no more right to get in that store than anyone else. If she wanted to go why didn't she go before 6:30? They did not owe her an apology just because she is rich and black.

Here we are fixing to celebrate the 4th of July and it is suppose to be our Independence Day, our freedom. Well, if it wasn't for our military people that have fought many wars we wouldn't have our freedom. We have our military out fighting for freedom here in America we have our government taking our freedom from us. We can't have prayer in our schools, we have the Ten Commandments removed from public places, we can't say God or have prayer in public for fear of offending someone, the words "In God We Trust" is trying to be taken off of our money. Yes, we can worship freely and I thank God we can

still do that. I am very proud to be an

American and I want to thank all of the men/women who have made that possible through their military effort and gave me and my family the right to be free. Thank you to all of them

that have served in the past and those serving now. God Bless you all and may he keep you in his care everyday.

Next time I see Joann Emerson I'm going to tell her how disappointed I am that she and her husband have been going on extravagant trips paid for by lobbyists and other special interests who are trying to influence her vote.

Officials should travel on public funds when the travel is part of their jobs, and their own funds when it is not. She knows that, but she took the favors anyway, thinking that no one would catch her. Well, she got caught.

I am looking to purchase a dressmaker's form. I am also looking to purchase a wheel as in the kind you use to throw pottery. I am a teacher and I would appreciate a phone call at 620-5689 if you have either one of these to sell. Please call between 8 and 5.

I want to say that if Bush is so crazy about Iraq, why don't he just take his money and go live over there? We are tired of taking our money away from our own people, can't afford medicine, can't afford dental. But he sure can give them plenty of money. What Congress needs to do is tie him off on a Senate bill for the war in Iraq. We know, we seen him try to blame Saddam and Iraq for having bombed the World Trade Center. He wanted us to blame Saddam. I'm tired of working my butt off just so he can give it away to other countries. They would just as soon kill us as look at us. We can't even take our Bibles over there because if we do we will be arrested. But they can come over here and preach what they want to preach. If likes the Iraqi people so much he can go over there and live as far as I am concerned.