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Time to put an end to today's pirates

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Can you imagine that in the year 2005, a warning has been issued for pirates off the coast of Africa? Pirates! It seems that modern-day pirates - most equipped with automatic weapons and high-speed boats - are targeting shipping vessels off the coast of Africa. Some of the ships are carrying food aid for the tsunami victims.

Since last month, five pirate attacks have struck the shipping vessels and in some cases, the crews were taken hostage. Today's pirates loot the ships and either sale or trade the cargo. In at least one instance, U.S. naval ships have come to the rescue.

Who would think that in today's world, we need to add a concern about pirates? That should be the stuff of Hollywood. But when there's something to steal, a crook will always find a way.

Isn't it a bit ironic that when we ship humanitarian food supplies to Africa, it's that very population who are now pirating those supplies? It makes you question our effort.

Here's my solution. Send bounty hunters to the high seas and put a price on the head of every pirate they can capture or eliminate. Rest assured, these bounty hunters would be out of business in short order when the pirates got a taste of their medicine. Put a couple of large guns in the hands of the bounty hunters and see just how short the life of a pirate could become.

It's hard to imagine that our military may some day soon be asked to help patrol for pirates on the high seas off the coast of Africa. But let's face it - Africa today is virtually as untamed as it was hundreds of years ago. And if Africa can't control this problem - and they can't - then guess which humanitarian nation will be asked to defend the ships passing that way?

If you guessed the United States of America, give yourself a gold star.

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