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Post-Dispatch fails Missouri taxpayers

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Leave it to our close friends at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to defend taxpayers funding erectile dysfunction drugs for Medicaid recipients. I would assume an overwhelming majority of Missourians are getting tired of the spiraling cost of Medicaid. And so most taxpayers were pleased with the decision to removal Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs from the program. Not our liberal friends at the Post-Dispatch.

Here's an interesting sidelight. As you may know, the Post-Dispatch was recently sold to another newspaper chain. And I understand that as part of that sale, the buyers agreed to retain the "liberal" editorial position of the Post-Dispatch for five years. Well, if the Viagra editorial support was the beginning, rest assured, the Post-Dispatch remains firmly liberal.

The Viagra story first broke when it was revealed that 26 registered sex offenders in the state were receiving erectile dysfunctional drugs at taxpayer expense. Gov. Matt Blunt heard the uproar and decided to exclude these drugs from all Medicaid benefits. That saves the state an estimated $200,000 annually.

The Post argues that since legislators could receive Viagra under their health plan, that Medicaid recipients should, too. The Post seems to omit that legislators work to pay for their health insurance and that Medicaid is taxpayer-funded.

Gov. Blunt made the right move. Does the Post not read their own articles about the explosion in Medicaid costs? Does the Post not remember that Gov. Carnahan and Holden greatly expanded the rolls of Medicaid recipients to the point where it threatens to break the state budget?

The Post-Dispatch is a respected and honored newspaper. I give them full credit for massive beneficial reporting throughout the years. I subscribe and will always subscribe. But at the same time, I will count the days until their "liberal" contract expires and perhaps a bit of common sense will make its way into their editorials.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen