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Speakout 7/18

Monday, July 18, 2005

There is a mail fraud going around right now, I'm sure it is nationwide. I just received something in the mail and not long ago I talked to the postal detective. I'm passing the information to him. It comes out of Canada. It has a Canadian postmark and it is LML Payment Systems. They sent me a cashiers check for $3,800 to pay taxes on winnings of $49,000. The standard way they do this is they have you deposit that and wire the money back to them. When the bank finds out it is fraud, the bank then comes to you to get their money back. The post office just wanted me to get as many people to know about it.

I disagree with the editorial called suggestions published July 7. If all this government aid didn't come into the city of Sikeston and just about every other city in the United States for money such as bingo and cigarettes and drugs and Section 8, freebies, freebies, freebies, these cities would a long time ago have blown away across the prairie. It is the consumer of this money that is just as much to blame as the recipients that don't deserve it. The stores in town would dry up, the gas stations would close, the welfare office would close. The police would all be laid off. America has been addicted to the free ride and as long as the free ride is there, society will carry on. Once the free ride stops, everything else will stop. People will have to get off their behinds and get a job. You know they are not going to put up with that, they have been on it too long and they won't stand for it. So if we want to keep peace we had better keep rolling out that government money.

Regarding to "Disrespect." If this person would think about it, they wouldn't be so many problems if they would just think about what they say. And as far as the firework deal, the Fourth of July is for that. As far as these kids selling drugs to get these speakers and wheels and all this fancy stuff, it doesn't necessarily mean they are selling drugs. As for the Section 8 deal, you would have less problems just renting a house. Whoever put this Speakout in needs to get some common sense. Kids wouldn't act like that if there was a place for them to hang out. If teens could just go somewhere on weekends and have fun, but no this person who is talking about all this disrespect is just over nothing. Sikeston has so many stupid laws.

I would like to add one comment to the Speakout comment on Thursday on Disrespect. The solution is to add fireworks to the illegal activity for public housing and that would stop it. Because it is an explosive device.

I'm just calling cause I have something to say. I read Speakout every day. I just want to let everyone know that the people who print dumb headlines in the paper or their stupid opinions that they need to think about what they say before they say it. Every time I hear someone in this town complain about something, just remember you ain't any better than the other person, just a little more minor. Have a little respect and show some decency for your country. Be proud of your military instead of putting everyone down.

This is about politics and wars of our country. Just thought I would give you a call and tell you what a great job you are doing. I have a few personal views myself. Here a while back while Tony Blair was here with Bush and they finally came out and admitted that they didn't find any weapons of mass destruction, that it sad day when you wake up early in the morning and find out that the terrorists bombed London on the double-decker buses and on subways. It just makes you wonder. Are we really safe over here in America? I just thought I would give you a few suggestions and something to think about when it comes to your freedom and safety. Wake up America. If you see something wrong, turn that person in. Pick up that phone. Everyone has a cell phone nowadays. Don't be afraid to speak out.