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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Speakout 6/28

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Today I picked up a copy of latest issue of U.S. News magazine that has a cover story about China on it. There are things going on there that will tear this country apart. Don't buy fireworks! They're almost certainly made in China. Don't buy anything if you can help it that has a China label on it. Personally, I am checking the labels on all clothing I buy at the store. If it is made in China I will not buy it. Don't think China is a friend - they're not. Remember what happened at Pearl Harbor. We sold a lot of scrap iron to Japan, and they built military equipment out of the material we sent them and attacked Pearl Harbor. I'm also concerned about illegal immigrants pouring across all the borders and even receiving free medical treatment.

I am new to the Sikeston area, I just moved here from Oran three years ago, and I can already see the differences. I have two small children, live in established "nice" neighborhood, and have yet to meet anyone. Most of my neighbors are elderly, and I have met a few of them, but often I see children running around the neighborhood. Where do they come from?

I have yet to meet their parents. I remember my childhood, I knew all of my neighbors, my parents were friends with their parents.

We had game night, cookouts, we had fun with each other. I just want to remind the citizens of Sikeston to try to embrace their neighbors, get to know them, have fun! Meet new people, know the people your children are spending time with, and love thy neighbor!

I'm reading in Thursday's paper about Mayor Mike Marshall and councilmembers where they go on to say they are as open as they can at their meetings. Then it goes on to say we run this city open. I'm a citizen of Miner and I sure would like to see our mayor and council adopt that policy.

On Thursday afternoon about 5 p.m. I approached Route H and HH and I heard a siren that was an ambulance approaching the intersection. The ambulance slowed down and preceded with caution, shortly after that two of the Miner fire trucks just come splitting through there. That kind of upset me because that is a highly dangerous intersection and those two fire trucks never slowed down. I don't know what kind of lights they have got - emergency lights or whatever - but it doesn't give them the right to run through the intersection like they were doing.

I have a little almost 2-year-old boy that I have to care for. I would rather not go into details on this but he is in need of clothing and he wears about a size 3 and 4 and about a 6 in a shoe. He needs a baby bed with a mattress. If anybody out there can help me help this little boy, please call me with these items call me 667-5326. It would be appreciated.

I got behind a white Grand-Am going west on Malone this afternoon, Monday, with filth coming out of the radio. Now, I have three kids in my car and they had to listen to this filth over and over until the car made a turn and got off Malone. For all of you young men in town who like to listen to this filthy music could you please turn your radios down in your car because I don't want my kids to hear it. I don't know about you but you probably don't want your kids to hear it either.