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SpeakOut 2/7

Thursday, February 7, 2008

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It becomes extremely frustrating to read the Sikeston SpeakOut column and see the frequent disrespectful remarks made toward teachers. The most recent message left about nurses really hit home to me. My sister and my mother both are teachers and as a nurse I can defend this and many of the remarks that have been said. Teachers work very hard for very little respect. Nurses may not get paid much more than teachers but the salary is higher and I have to say I am respected in my profession which means almost as much as money in the bank. My mother and sister as teachers however do not receive this respect and it very upsetting. I, as a nurse, could not be where I am today without my teachers. The doctors I work closely with each day could not have gotten where they are without teachers. Yet the people of Sikeston choose to disregard all the work that teachers put in and slander their profession in SpeakOut. I would suggest to those people to try being a teacher for one day. Try working with the kids all day long who have been taught by their parents that teachers do not deserve respect. Teachers are bad mouthed and cursed at more than any other profession yet they take it in stride and move on remaining professional about it, treating the students no differently whether the student or the students family treats the teacher with respect. There is something to be said for that so I would like to ask all those who think that teachers have it so easy working 8 hours a day for 9 months of the year to take a real look into a teacher's life and get a healthy dose of reality. You could not be further from the truth. I hope my message will touch at least of few of those in community who respect our teachers and encourage them to write in and for once commend those teachers who have had an impact on their life.

I would like to speak out about Brian Allworth and Jason Lindsey the news reporters on KFVS-12. We haven't been seeing them and we want them back. Will you please find out about them.

According to a spokesperson for KFVS, Brian Allworth has been on vacation. He is back as of Jan. 28. Jason Lindsey is no longer with KFVS.

I don't know who you are, but if I find out I'm going to turn your butt into the police department for flying down the road in the 900 block of Stanford. It is pitiful how fast this vehicle is going. It looks like a little black truck. We need the police to come down here and sit and catch whoever it is. There are children that live on this block down here and you're liable to hit one of them.

Who's running for president anyhow - Bill or Hillary? I think that's what Glenn Beck says.

I want to speak out about Obama and the rest of the candidates. I sure hope Obama is not president. In his winning speech last week in South Carolina, he didn't say God bless you or thank you or anything. I have never heard any of them say they are going to bring jobs back to the U.S. What are the people going to do for jobs? It looks like more people are going to be in poverty or welfare. We don't have one that should run our country like it should be. There is no one to choose from. There will be lots of people that won't even vote and I can understand why. I sure wouldn't vote for Obama. If he wins we're in for a lot of trouble. That guy doesn't know too much.

I am responding to the Jan. 27 article in SpeakOut, Been there, done that. I agree with everything that person said. You have these girls on food stamps, welfare, housing - they get all this free stuff. They work six months out of the year and get all this money back. Then they go have big parties and spend it on their men. What about the kids? They don't even take the kids to the doctor. We, the people that are working, have to pay $95 or $100 for medicine for our kids. The elderly people need this money.

When you are all planning on changing the poll on the website? Who cares how much we the people of Southeast Missouri are going to spend on Christmas - that is so in the past. A newspaper should be current, looking for stories of the future. By the way, are there any places that host little girls' birthday parties? Indoor riding areas, tea parties, etc? And how about a carpool to Cape - has anyone organized that? Or willing to consider it?

Finally, Sikeston has someone that can repair old sewing machines. The new craft shop in the old bread store has a guy that does the repairs. He is so nice. He fixed mine and did a great job. I love going in there, they are always adding new things. If you haven't been in there, you ought to stop by. Come on Sikeston, let's keep them in our town. I wish more people would bring their business here and build up Sikeston the way it used to be.