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Blame for actions falls on individual

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

When Missouri State Highway Patrolman Brandon Brashear pulled the erratic driver to the side of the road near Kansas City Saturday, little did he know what was about to happen. Brashear had just exited his patrol vehicle when the driver opened fire. The trooper was shot and wounded. He tried to escape by running toward the highway median. But the driver followed and continued to shoot.

Brashear remains in critical condition today with nine bullet wounds. The suspect was captured in less than an hour in a nearby pool hall.

But if that were not enough, here?s where the story truly makes me sick. The suspect, Tommy Rollins Jr. says he?s not to blame; it?s the fault of society that made him shoot the highway patrolman.

?The society?s what caused me to do what I did. Just look at the society we live in,? Rollins told reporters at his arraignment.

No Mr. Rollins, it was not society that made you pull that trigger. It was your own criminal mind, your own evil intentions and your own stupidity. We sincerely hope Mr. Rollins stays behind bars for the remainder of his life. He deserves nothing less.

I, like most of you, am sick of these thugs who claim it?s the fault of society or their own upbringing that drives them to a criminal lifestyle. That excuse is a lame attempt to shift the blame.

Rollins said he suffered from ?temporary insanity? and ?wasn?t even thinking? when he fired nine shots into the law enforcement officer. Yet once again, you?ll notice that Rollins like so many others will blame anything and everything before he points the finger at himself.

It is not the fault of society when someone goes wrong. It?s personal responsibility alone that dictates whether we do good or evil. It is our own decisions that lead to trouble, it?s not some social issue that creates these crimes.

It?s time that all of society recognizes that illegal actions are the fault of the individual and not some mysterious fault of society. It was not society pumping those bullets into that officer. It was one man, intent on evil. And all of society should condemn this man and any other who tries to point the finger in any other direction.

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