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Speakout 5/19

Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm calling about housing. I want to let them know we have wonderful people working in the office. I am old and sick and they came and checked on me. I brought a statement from the doctor and showed them that I could not live by myself, and one of my family came and stayed with me. People don't understand that sometimes you can't live by yourself. They ought to mind their own business. People in the office called to find out if I was okay and they need to keep up the good work. They do do their job. People who say they are not doing their job are wrong.

I see where they are gonna take the railroad out down at Lilbourn and Malden. How they gonna build a soy diesel plant down there with the railroad leaving? I think that thing is going to go under. I think I'll stick with the ethanol plant at Sikeston.

When I was a child my mother used to say if you took a flower out of the graveyard, you'll take two back. For the last two weeks, I've taken flowers out on Easter and somebody after the last two weeks, has taken the flowers off of my husband's grave and put them on another grave. Today they are missing completely. They throw his flags on the ground and they take his flowers. That is not right. It is in the Garden of Memories and I think something should be done about it.

Is it fair for a disabled, mentally retarded person to be in prison where they cannot draw Medicaid? Governor Blunt would rather put them in prison than furnish them with Medicaid or SSI but prison is a lot more expensive.

This is in response to the person who thinks there is a freedom of profanity. There is no such freedom. If that person sees profanity printed on a t-shirt, written on a car, or anywhere else, or even spoken in public, all they have to do is contact the local police department. If the police department refuses to do anything about it, report that police department to the attorney general's office and they will take care of the police department themselves.

I have a question. I'd just like to know what the difference is between Rush Limbaugh's drug problem and Patrick Kennedy's? I'd like to have an answer to that.

One is an elected official. One is not.

I've been researching some things going around town and all, and one thing has really upset me. People, you need to get your social security numbers off of your drivers licenses. Let the state pick your license number and get your social security number off of them. Anybody that owns a scanner, if you get stopped, they've got your social security number. There's enough identity theft going around. Think it over closely about getting a drivers license number and getting your social security number off of there. I just really hope you will listen.

This is Lois Jones in Benton. Someone called in about some poppy seeds. I do have some poppy seeds and my number is 545-3838.

I hope you all will put this in SpeakOut. This is Don and Ora Richards from Biloxi, Miss. Just happened to stop overnight in Sikeston and pick up the Standard Democrat and noticed that a Church of God in Vanduser, Mo. was having a brunch. So we decided to go there, and we are oh so glad we did. It was a great meal, ladies. The biscuits and sausage gravy and blackberry jelly were delicious. One of the ladies told me how to make the sausage gravy and Don says I have to fix it for him. Thanks again ladies, I hope we can get back again sometime.

This is for all you so-called sports people. Leave the sports writers alone and let them do their jobs. They're doing okay, they're doing good. If we didn't know the truth, what would we do? We know the truth when they say something. So leave the sports writers alone. You are showing poor sportsmanship yourselves by complaining about them.