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SpeakOut 12/13

Thursday, December 13, 2007

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To the person who can't find a job, get yourself a pair of pants that fit and pull them up so that your friggin' drawers don't show. Wash and comb your nasty head. Talk like you have just a little bit of brains "Yo, you know what I'm saying, yo," and I just bet that there is someone out there that will give you a job - if you really wanted one in the first place.

This is to the concerned parent of a student at the 7th and 8th Grade Center. I am not a teacher and am not affiliated with any school. I am a parent who has been in the trenches, so I am speaking from experience. I cannot believe your attitude! So what if the kids are having to clean up after themselves? I don't care if "there are people paid to do so" - I think it's great that the kids are having to be responsible. Oh, and way to go telling your daughter to back-talk authority. That was really adult of you and it will come back to bite you one of these days. If she doesn't learn to suck it up and do as she's told, you'd better hang on because the ride is going to get bumpier as she gets older. You just don't get it - the school is doing your daughter and the other kids involved a big favor by teaching them a basic life skill and sense of pride that they apparently didn't learn at home. There is more to getting an education than book learning. I think the school's assessment of your petty complaining is accurate. Save it for the big stuff.

Amen, amen, amen.

I'd like to speak out concerning Virginia Pine Apartments. They act like they are so high and mighty and everything. But then they don't take care of their property. I am a tenant there. I've had my place flood and everything else. I went two weeks without air conditioning and all kinds of stuff. The property is a mess. The owner is the one that ought to be sued, not the tenants. They need to clean up the place is all I've got to say. They don't appreciate a good tenant. They move everything and anything in there. Somebody go by there and take a look at the yards there. It's a mess. They should get a ticket or be made to clean it up.

I was talking to this lady who had the same problem I had back when I was younger and about her age. I don't know if the doctors out at SEMO that she is going to read the paper or SpeakOut, but if they would check her real good they would find out that her problem has to do with a worm in her system that causes you to lose your hair and everything else that goes along with it.

I'm calling about Gratitude for the attitude, the church that is truly put Christ in Christmas, and that's Church on the Rock here in Sikeston, Pastor Curtis True. He and his congregation do a hands of mercy thing every year and supply coats for my children and food baskets every Dec. 15 and feed the hungry. They make sure every child has at least three presents. We've been a beneficiary of several of these programs at times. I just wanted to call let the public know what this church is doing. At the economic times that we are in, they are giving from the heart. We are truly grateful to them and the community that supports them. It's a dynamic church. I went out there last night for a miracle, there was 500 people there. The miracle in itself was they had over 27 ministers in the same place, none of them disagreeing or arguing, just worshiping God and praying for other people. Keep it up Church on the Rock and Pastor True.