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Speakout 2/22

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Why in the world does Sikeston need any more churches or banks? We have more than we need as it is. I think it is a crying shame that we have to have branches off nearby city churches. Is it because it's from people who can't forget things that have happened and stay in their church and support it? To me, this only hurts the Christians in the world's eyes because we have all denominations and several churches here, and we don't need a branch off another city coming here. As my grandmother used to say, "What is this world coming to?" Our morals are shot and until these people can go to church together and worship in spirit and in truth, I'm afraid we are in serious trouble, according to the Good Book. I don't think there is an explanation that God would accept on issues like this. I won't let this set me back because my family has been in one church here in Sikeston for many years and I will continue to support that church and keep my eyes on God, not people.

In 1983, Social Security taxes were raised to create a fund that would fund the benefits for the baby boomers as they retired. There are now about $2 trillion worth of treasury bonds in the Social Security Trust Fund. Tax money sent to the government was spent and bonds were put into the Social Security Trust Fund. Those bonds are Treasury Bonds, supposedly backed by the full faith and credit of the United States of America and there's a Constitutional requirement that all fed-issued by the U.S. government be paid in full. Today, the President said there is no money in the Social Security Trust Fund, it's all been spent. I believe you should call your congressman and senators and ask them to explain what the President said because there is money there and the President seems to angling toward default on the security bonds in the trust fund and we should not allow him to do that.

The quickest and most fair way for the American public to settle the Social Security dilemma is to quit giving billions to any and everybody all over the world and pay back the money that was stolen from the Social Security fund. Most of these countries are our friends until the money stops. You can't buy friendship, but apparently our country doesn't know this.

This is concerning the Sikeston Street Department. I have been going down Moore Avenue onto Short Street on my way home and hit these chugholes. I have been trying to get onto graded roads and haven't. In looking at some of the holes, I think I saw a Cadillac.