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SpeakOut 1/4

Friday, January 4, 2008

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I was eating pizza the other day where they have the buffet and I saw a girl take a soda cup and go up there and fill it full of salad to take home with her. I'm surprised they didn't say something to her about it. What if everybody did that? The place would be out of business before long. If you needed a salad, why didn't you go tell them and pay for it instead of getting it off the buffet? I could not believe this.

Mike this is Rocking the boat again. It amazes me at the words edited in Bible scripture that is printed in God's holy word. If God had wanted what He had written changed, He probably would have named a time that this would have come about. There's much scripture in God's holy word about false teaching, do not add or take away from God's holy word. There is no proof in scripture that allows women to be in the pulpit. Ninety percent of the churches have no preachers, they only have speakers. Again, I say, no one wants to rock the boat about preaching the truth.

I'm calling in response to the article in SpeakOut about the Church on the Rock entitled Keep handing out help. I agree with them that we should help people with rent and stuff and utilities because they deserve it, not just feed them once a year and give them presents. But that's why Church on the Rock does do it throughout the year. They've done it for me. They've given us food several times, paid out rent and utility bills several times. They've helped numerous others that I know of and continue to do so. Evidently, this person wasn't one of them. They are telling Church of the Rock to focus on God more. But all I hear them complaining about is paying their rent and paying their bills. They aren't focusing on God. So I suggest this person get more into the Word their self and more into God and maybe God will bless them.

Mike, you got what you want. I'm thinking seriously about moving out of Sikeston. Sikeston is the most uncaring, unChristian town I've ever seen. As many people that go to church, they can't even smile or say Merry Christmas. Cape, Dexter, Bloomfield, Charleston, East Prairie, all those other towns are lit up. What do we get here - nothing. Where's the Christmas spirit? It's not about shopping. Why do we even celebrate Christmas if no one wants to say Merry Christmas. I do want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. The reason we celebrate Christmas is because it's the birth of Jesus Christ. It's not about shopping.

Response to Glory be. Since when did celebrating the birth of a child become a waste of time and ink. A child is a gift of God, no matter the marital status of the parents. If you ask me, they wasted ink printing your judgmental comment.