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Speakout 5/5

Friday, May 5, 2006

An ACLU lawyer says West Virginia Bridgeport High School must remove a picture representing Jesus Christ that's hung at the school for 40 years. The lawyer has set a familiar trap. The Superintendent steps into the trap when he says he will provide a wall where he will place pictures of other's chosen historical heroes in a special display along with this painting of the head of Jesus, from an artists's own imagination. That would require a "panel of men/

women" to "authorize" or "sit in judgment" as what is allowable as free expression. This is all that's necessary to set in motion a process that will end in an inevitable ruling by a panel of biased Federal Judges who will site precedent of court cases already won by the ACLU and chalk up another win for the ACLU. This is tantamount to abridging 1st Amendment free speech and free expression guarantees. I think instead, the criteria for having the school take down the picture should be that the ACLU has to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the painting in question is a picture of the real Jesus that they say we are not be allowed to show reverence for in a government building. And further, they should be required to prove that this Jesus is the Son of God, who after all endowed us with the inalienable liberties that the ACLU presumes to protect. Otherwise the ACLU complaint should be thrown out.

I saw an article about Mexicans sending their money back home. I'd like to speak out about some of this. They say Mexicans do jobs Americans won't do. That's because these Mississippi County farmers hire these folks for $2 to $4 an hour. Then they take them to the welfare office and get them a check, food stamps and welfare card so they can get their work on the farm for free. Slavery has not gone away, it has just changed colors. Our government bends over backwards to ship to people over in other countries and let's our people go without. They are taking over our country. The few that are griping about our own people getting help better watch out. It's the big wigs that want something for nothing and then gripes about welfare. I hope you print this but I doubt it. You never do when I call.

Delmo Housing, located at Fifth and River Road in Lilbourn, gives clothing to the needy at no charge. If they want to give a contribution, they can but it is not required to receive the clothing. The phone number is 688-9709. They will pick the clothes up if you call, or you can bring them yourself.

I was wanting to put in the SpeakOut that I need a barrel to burn my trash in. Tell them to call 472-1179.

This is a comment about KFVS-TV. It is so nice to see Kathy Sweeney back on the TV again after looking at CJ, Tiffany and Maloney for so long, it's very nice to see Kathy back.

I'd like to comment on the temporary job services. Why should they decide who gets the better jobs? You would think the company that is hiring should decide. They might get the people who really want the jobs so they don't have to live on welfare. The temporary job service agency hires who they want, not who may be more qualified. It's a shame when you've been on the list for over a year and ask for one specific job and they tell you one lie after another. Someone should shut them down and let them see what it's like to try to find a job.