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Speakout 7/19

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm calling today to put in Speakout that here in America, freedom stands for freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of civil rights and freedom has gone a long ways when you are over there fighting a war. I just want to say thanks to all the military guys and troops for doing a great job. Things will get better. I just want everyone to remember that you are American, you are over here, you got a lot more freedoms than other third world's countries. A definition of a commie is someone who wants the government to take care of them, pay out welfare, cause they are too lazy to work. Pay them Medicaid because they don't want to get a job and get health insurance. A true American is all about freedom, and having the family values and moral respect they should have. Any kind of guy would go out there and help his neighbor while a commie would put a knife in your back.

I just want to say to the one that put in the paper about Bush being so crazy about Iraq. She or he ought to stop and think about the boys that are over there putting their lives on the line and volunteering to go back there a second and third time and their families who are having to do without things. It isn't Iraq that is taking our money for medicine and things for people over here, it is the ones on welfare and all of that that is getting it free and don't need it. That is what is going with our money, if you don't believe it just get out and listen and go shopping and see who is doing all the buying. We have to help those foreign countries a little bit and if we weren't fighting over there we would be just like in England, they would be bombing us and tearing us up again. I wish people would quit putting Bush down. They ought to stop and think back to World War II. Of course, I guess they weren't old enough to remember World War II and Vietnam and all them. It wasn't Bush in there then. How people had to suffer and live on nothing and had to pay their own medical bills, they didn't get them free like they do now.

I would like to respond to an article someone called in last week about the train situation. We and many more people like us live along the railroad tracks. I don't like the idea of so many trains using the tracks. It is going to be a dangerous situation. Years ago only five or six trains went by and they only pulled a dozen cars. Now there are a dozen trains that go by and are going very fast and pulling a hundred or more cars. That causes a lot of vibration. Our houses shake and we all have cracks in our walls from it. Also we were told the whistles were to be toned down but they are louder than ever and they blow beyond the point they need to. The tracks go up and down when the cars go on them and make all kinds of screeching noises. If more trains are permitted to use these tracks, a disaster is going to happen. Sometimes when they stop several people can not get out of their driveways in case of an emergency. And this person said he wished they would put on a hundred trains? Well, he doesn't live near a track or he wouldn't wish that. Also no towns have disappeared yet from trains not going through them any more that I know of.

I hope the Jaycees try to get Gretchen Wilson here for the Rodeo because I think she would be a big draw.