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Speakout 6/22

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It amazes me how some rules in this community apply to some and not others. For example, I was out at the YMCA swim lessons session this morning and I saw a woman who had both of her children out there. Her children are 2 and right around five or six years old. I thought that the rules at the YMCA for swimming stated that the child had to be at least three years old. Did she lie on the application? I don't understand why her child is allowed to swim and others are not.

I just read in your paper about people given jail time. I wonder how much tax dollars we're giving them to unborn babies or born babies on welfare and if the women participated because they were with their husbands. I think they should have been given more time. This is absolutely stupid to let these people do that many days of jail time. I've been in jail longer than that but all I got was a DWI. I didn't assault anybody. They are taking our tax money. They all ought to be put in jail forever.

I was calling about the riot that happened on Ruth Street. I was reading in the paper and everybody was saying "oh, they are such bad people," but tell me why they don't say anything about the police. I'm sure the police would not have got hittin' in the head if they had not went down there and started all kinds of stuff with the folk down on Ruth Street. I think if anything needs to be speak out or done against, the policemen need to get spoke out against because they are doin' the people wrong. If they start doin' the people wrong, they'll stop gettin' hittin' in the head with bricks.

I wanted to speak out against putting cameras on all corners of Branum. I think it is stupid and a waste of our tax money because they know good dad gone well when they put them cameras up there they are going to sit there and break them down and they aren't going to do nothing except make the people mad anyway. So they need to keep wastin' our tax money.

I need to clear this up about the child had the $40 stolen, I'm the grandmother. You don't understand. This was printed wrong or something. The $40 was only his spending money for the month. This child gets $320 a month from his dead father and I take out to buy all his clothes and his shoes and he this child usually gets everything he needs. The $40 was mainly just spending money for this child or to buy things that he needed like for summer school. This is what I meant, not that that is all he gets for clothing and food and stuff like that. Believe you me, I pay more out on this child than he brings in. I don't get none of this child's money, he gets it all, believe me.