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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Speakout 5/2

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

I would like to speak out about landlords in Sikeston. My husband and I are a different race and we have been married for three years. We have two beautiful children. We don't damage our property and we don't even drink. About a month or so ago we were looking for an apartment, and we got the run around just because we are a different race. That is called discrimination. It is wrong. Wake up landlords in Sikeston. It shouldn't matter what color the hand is that pays you the rent as long as it gets paid on time.

This is to the person who said they had a problem with low income people receiving welfare. I totally agree with you. You see these young people at the grocery stores with more kids than they can take care of. These young people receiving welfare buy the best of everything at the grocery stores, and hey, why not? It's educated working people like me that are paying for these meals. I am 28-years old, college educated with a master's degree. My mother raised my brother and me without the help of government assistance. She was a single parent. She worked two jobs to support us. When I see these welfare assisted people I actually feel sorry for them because they never had anyone teach them the importance of supporting and raising a family by working and maintaining a job. I don't look at these welfare addicted people the same way I look at myself or others who work 40 hours or more and have health insurance. Ninety-five percent of the people who are on it are on it because they are uneducated and lazy. I am a taxpayer, and if you receive any help from the government such as WIC, Medicaid or food stamps you ARE being supported by the government. I don't care if you work a minimum wage job and get paid $6.50, if you receive any help, you are welfare addicted. Why should I or anyone else that works their butt off, help support your family because you didn't make good choices in your life? A great education will take you good places in your life, welfare won't. I'm a proud American that supports my family with no help from taxpayers.

I got a complaint about the doctors here in Sikeston. You probably won't print this statement. But in my opinion, 90 percent of the doctors here in Sikeston have a bad attitude. When you go for an office call, they'll give you three or four minutes of their time and they'll send you a bill for $80. You're still talking to the doctor trying to explain your health problems and they'll just get up and throw your folder on the counter and get up and leave the office. They don't give you the time you deserve. I have been going to this one doctor here in Sikeston for 19 years. They just don't give you the time that you deserve. They act like that they are doing you a favor, but you are paying the big bucks for three or four minutes of their time. I got respect for some doctors, but the doctors I know I don't have any respect for. I don't believe they have any respect for their patients. They just want to get you in and out as quick as they can, just like a bunch of cattle, like a herd through a barn. They ought to at least take time to listen to your health problems. But when they get ready to quit listening to you, they just get up and leave. I really wish you'd put this in SpeakOut. I really enjoy reading it and just keep up the good work. Thank you very much.

I wish with our new mayor in Morley something would be done about our roads. I tell you, they are terrible. There are holes. The ones that are gravel, don't even have rocks. This is terrible. Other people come in and think these roads are horrible. What do they do with the tax money?