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Speakout 9/29

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I live in a small town and I have neighbors parking in my yard. I don't know why. They have their own yard to park in. They won't move their cars for me to mow, and now I have trash in my yard. One lady even had the nerve to clean her truck out in my yard. I would just like them to know that I don't appreciate it. If my mower throws something on their car or my dog does something to their tires I can't help it. I just want them to know that. They shouldn't park there.

I've been seeing lots of things about people saying things about people on disability, and people seeing them lifting heavy things and seeing them doing things they shouldn't be able to do if they are supposedly disabled. You need to stop and think. Not everybody that is on disability has a physical disability. There are millions of people in this country who have mental disabilities that keep them from working or even going out of their house. So before you start bad mouthing people that can't work, it's not because they don't want to. Believe me, I know people with mental disabilities and they would love to work. They have worked for years, were good workers, there when they were supposed to be, did what they were supposed to do, did good work, got raises, got promotions because of their work. Then they got mental illness that prevented that from happening. Don't judge people just because you know they are on disability. You can't see the disability but it's there. You need to read the Bible. You're not supposed to judge people.

I was just on the internet today and I went to OPEC and I just wanted to make a comment on the gas prices. It says on the internet OPEC, that we are 3.43 million barrels ahead of what we were last year at this time. And at this time last year, I think gas was probably about $1 cheaper. I think this is just price gouging. Everybody knows it, the President knows it. Nobody wants to do anything about it. The people who are working for minimum wage can't do anything about it. I think it's a shame we are being ripped off by our government, and the government isn't putting a stop to it. Anybody can get on the internet and go to OPEC and it will show how many barrels, millions of barrels ahead, than what we were last year. Gas prices are 50 cents to a dollar higher than they were last year, and this is a shame. The United States has become nothing but greed.

I'm calling about the road that's out by McDonalds at the four way and runs west to the corner of Wal Mart and Penney's. I think there are a few people in this town that don't realize this is a four lane road. I know that because I have had them pull over in front of me and seen them drive down the middle of the white striped line, but which by the way you can barely see. But none the less, it is a four lane that is in bad need to be re-striped. These people may not realize, but if they have a wreck by pulling over in front of someone it is their fault. It is two lanes west, and two lanes east.

I'm calling about the article "Criminals need love, too", about her husband is doing a 120 and her being on parole and now they can't see or be around each other. I've been in prison for six and a half years. I changed my life. I moved in with an ex-felon and we've been together for three years. I told her I could show her better than I could tell her. So as far as not associating with ex felons, not all felons are bad. I think they need to maker lighter restrictions on those that are trying to rehabilitate their selves. Power to the people.

The last Sikeston-Charleston football game played on Thanksgiving Day was in 1958, in Charleston; the Sikeston Bulldogs won 28 to 6. The '58 Bulldogs were 9 and 1 on the season and for the umpteenth time, the Big 8 Conference Champions.

Could you tell me please if you have surgery do they videotape it? And, if so, can you get a recording of the tape of your surgery? I would like to know this.

No surgeries are videotaped at Missouri Delta Medical Center, according to Libby Klipfel, surgery nurse manager for MDMC. During colonoscopies and gastros, still pictures are taken and patients may request copies of these.


I, for one, totally agree with "Scum Rises To The Top" ! Thank you very much! You are 100 percent correct in your analogy. Then again, what do you expect? Over 70 percent of the New Orleans citizens are on welfare. They have never , nor will they ever help themselves or anyone else. They did nothing to save themselves or their possessions. Those are the types of welfare mud-puppies that are causing other states to be rid of the welfare programs. They want and want and want, but never willing to give. Now they want to live in other states and towns and even our community. I hope they don't expect free handouts here! They will have to get off their lazy butts and actually do some manual labor to get anything around here. That just goes to show everyone what kind of society New Orleans is and exactly what New Orleans represents. I, for one, will never go there. I'd rather take my hard earned tax dollars and give to a real charity that actually will go for the good of mankind. Such as Children's Hospital. Save your money people, don't give good money away after bad. Bush has given away enough money to do more then take care of the businesses down there and to all those slobs. I did feel sorry for them, but after seeing all this mess on t.v.....I can't do any more. Not when there are more deserving people who actually need and deserve our help.