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SpeakOut 1/3

Thursday, January 3, 2008

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I'm not sure if I should be speaking about this because I'm a firm believer that if you break the law you should be punished. But at this time of the year, they are taking away these children's parents in the round up for Operation Grinch. Honestly, in the long run, these kids are the ones that are suffering. Like I said, I believe that they should punish those that break the law. But I for one will worry Christmas day that the kids are the one to suffer.

I'd just like to say thank-you to the Sikeston High School Band for a wonderful program that they had on Dec. 16. But there was one problem, some of the girls forgot that they were wearing dresses and showed stuff that a lot of us did not really care to see. Otherwise, the day was perfect.

There is nowhere in the Bible that tells us Jesus was born on Dec. 25th. If people think about it, it probably was warm weather when Jesus was born, since the shepherds were in the field tending their flock. If it had been winter the sheep would have been close to the barn and the shepherds would not be in the field since they stayed with the flock night and day. The reason Jesus was born in a manger was because the inns were filled since the people came once a year to pay taxes. And they certainly would not be traveling by foot in cold weather.

I read in SpeakOut where the women preacher said it is not a sin for a woman to preach in a congregation today. Did she read I Timothy 2:11 and 12 where the Bible says let the woman learn in silence. And for a woman to learn in silence and not to usurp authority over a man but to be in silence. How can a woman be in subjection to God's word if she is in a pulpit preaching? I would not want to be responsible for all the people being lead astray by false teachings.

The person or persons that keep lashing out against churches and Christians needs to really read the Bible, not just the parts that he thinks gives him a free ride. First, God helps those who help themselves. This means first doing everything within your power to take care of yourself and your family. The Bible also teaches you it is wrong to lie and steal. I truly believe that most churches are very willing to help those in true need. Many times you are burned by the full-time beggars that will refuse to work for a living and go from church to church and organization to organization begging. I have seen many a bill paid by different churches and organizations because of gambling, drinking and just simply refusing to work. You with the attitude that all church members should give you one of their cars and pay all your bills should spend your free time looking for work instead of being jealous of what others have. Do you plant a garden to help with your family's food? Do you withhold from gambling and drinking so your welfare checks can pay the bills? Are you honest when you file for Medicaid or food stamps? Do you keep bringing children into this world that you cannot or do not intend to support? Are you needy due to true misfortune or just because you don't want to work? If you go through life wanting what others have without the work, you will always be disappointed. You cannot expect God or God's children to take care of you if you will not take care of yourself or your children. Christians are some of the most generous people in the world, but they too have learned their lesson and have to try and weed through the needy and the greedy.