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Speakout 4/13

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Whoever has stolen my tan purse, please bring it back to me. I have all of my important information in there. You can keep the money, just give me my purse back. You can put it in the mailbox in the middle of the night.

Let's get on with our lives. Everyone is acting like God died. Yes, I remind you people that the Bible system call all men father, yet you call him "Holy Father." Yes it is a sad thing that he died but let's get on with our lives. Please, get it off the TV, I'm sure there is other news out there. I guarantee that when Billy Graham passes away there won't be all this hubbub.

Three Rivers is not a hillbilly school. I think you are a hillbilly for saying it is.

I would like to put something in Speakout. I have a 10-year-old grandson and I also have a daughter that is 41 that goes to a workshop. And myself and I have a small dog but I am looking for a place. I'm needing a house or duplex or something that I can move into by the first of next month. It is hard for me to get a place because of my dog but I do have good references from good people around town that I take care of the property and that the dog doesn't tear up anything. I do need to find a place. I do have the income that I can afford a place. If anybody out there has a place they would rent to me and my dog with good references please call me at 667-5326. I would appreciate it.

I was calling in regard to the corner of Moore and Wallace. Standing here looking out my window, there has been another accident. There was one the last part of last week, one last night, one this morning. There are constantly wrecks at this intersection. It is a yield sign and no one yields. We have lived here for just a couple of years and I don't know how many wrecks there have been. We have contacted the city about seeing about getting a stop sign put up because constantly people don't slow down for the yield, they go through, there are always accidents. Someone is going to wind up being killed. We checked the city and a few of our neighbors have because we all have kids. We don't want our kids to through the intersection and have an accident. They said there haven't been enough accidents there to warrant putting up a stop sign. How difficult it is to change screws out of a yield sign to put up a stop sign? Maybe we need to get petition or something. In the past six months, I've been talking to my neighbor and there have been 11 wrecks there. That is pretty bad.

My phone number 472-1179 . I have two sheets four-by-eight vinyl that you could use to line the tops of cabinets or line the drawers in the kitchen with it. It is free to anyone who wants to pick it up and haul it away. It is in several pieces.

As I watched the news today my heart literally broke for I saw thousands of people come thousands of miles to get to look at the face of a dead little man yet you can't go the distance from a stand-up position to your knees to pray to God who is the real healer, who is the real redeemer. You pastors who whitewash the word of God. You are responsible for every soul that walks in and out those doors. The Pope was not the Holy Father. You have one father and he is in heaven. You can not praise him. You die of diseases because you cannot read Psalms 53 and understand that by his strife we are healed. You no longer know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You only know the God that is whitewashed. You worry about your finances but yet you cannot go to the word of God and look and say seek you first the kingdom of heaven and all other things will be given to you accordingly to the riches. People, better get your eyes off the world and get your eyes on God.