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Speakout 4/14

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I'm calling about the recent high school cheerleader tryouts at Sikeston High School. I'm not directly involved with Sikeston cheerleaders. My children are much younger than that. I have a concern that we are allowing Sikeston High school sophomores, juniors and senior girls who are Red Peppers to vote on which girl they think should be on the cheerleading squad. We put so much emphasis on our cheerleaders and our cheerleading squad I feel that it is such a big sport in Sikeston but our high school doesn't think it is important to hire professional judges to judge these girls. It was very obvious to me that one girl stood out the most of those who tried out. It was obvious she had training, talent but because we allow girls to judge, she didn't make it. Our public school system is not encouraging them to do the right thing.

Deserve punishment

Here we go again with some liberal idiot claiming we are too tough on inmates. What about the victim that was beat for a few dollars he had in his wallet and then had to pay medical bills for his treatment and recovery. You must be a thug yourself because you're too stupid to see that there is a victim that has suffered, perhaps for the rest of their lives. Men and women that refuse to work in our society and make a living out of stealing what you and I have worked hard for should not be given every right that we have. They have proved to their peers that they deserve nothing from us. Leave your name and we can send all the thieves, drug dealers, and rapist to your house for punishment.

There is a small solution to these gas prices. If the truck drivers and those that do transportation who drive on these highways for a living would strike for 20 minutes a day or something or one whole day you would see a change in these gas prices. If you could just get everyone together instead some are so scared to stand against people. We need to get together and strike for at least one whole day and you will see one heck of a change in these gas prices.

I would like to Speakout about that person, whoever it is, that put in there about this young man we saw on KFVS in a wheelchair that needed help. Let me tell you something, it is hard to get around when you are in a wheelchair when you are crippled. I'm a 60-year-old woman and I'm disabled and have been disabled for a while. I can't work. You must really be a bitter person to put down people who are disabled and in a wheelchairs and stuff. You need to get your self a life.

- - -

This to reply to the article that people who are sick. Evidently the person who wrote this about the person who was in the wheelchair and may be cut off from Medicare just doesn't quite understand. The old saying, you have to walk in my shoes to understand. Once you are on a disability and you get cut off from Medicare, you still get your disability check. If the person went to work, if they were even able to go to work, they probably would be cut off of their disability. So what employer is going to pay someone enough money to live off of and for medication? I'm on a total disability myself. I only get $525 a month. My medicine comes to $830 a month. My living expenses is over $400. Doesn't this person think anyone would rather have a job than sit in a wheelchair or be disabled. Whoever wrote this letter about the disabled person in the wheelchair to get a job doesn't quite understand. We are not stupid, by any means, we are disabled. If we could get a job, we would love to work. This person should just sit back and pray for themselves and think how blessed they are to make such comments.