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Speakout 9/12

Monday, September 12, 2005

Calling for disposal

Would you please put in a Wednesday paper the location where I can dispose of some telephone directories? I have several I need to get rid of.

Sikeston residents can simply drop them in their trash, according to Theresa Marshall, office manager for Sonny's Solid Waste. In Mississippi County, residents may dispose of them in any of the recycling bins placed around the county. For information on where the Mississippi County's bins are currently located, call the highway department at 682-6428.

I would like to let Sam DeReign know what a good column he has in your paper. I really enjoy reading it and it is good to read it and be able to laugh at his humor. Thank you, Sam.

I have had some hard times in my life. I have lost my health and my job and basically everything I have had. I have been sitting in my home feeling sorry for myself and thinking how could my life get any worse than it is. I turn the news and I see what has happened in Mississippi and Louisiana and I think my life could be so much worse than it is now. I thank God for the little home that I have and the little bit of food I have in my refrigerator and that my children are safe and healthy and happy. I think all of us should remember how fortunate we are in that things can always be a lot worse than they are. We should always be there for one another. I do feel ashamed for the pity that I felt for myself when others truly do have it a lot worse than I could possibly ever imagine. I pray for everyone that is suffering right now and I hope that everyone pulls together and contributes and prays and helps in anyway that they can.

I would like to commend you on your writing in the Sept. 30 paper. This hurricane is the United States' tsunami that has completely wiped out New Orleans. A hurricane is a very, very strong wind and not just a few inches of rain - it rains and rains the biggest drops. I know because I used to live down there and my son is still in southern Florida. How many American allies will come to our aid when needed. Giving should go two ways and that is what America does - give. That is OK, the taxpayer pays the government's bills. So don't blame it either political party, it is not their money so they don't care. I am in my 70s and I know both work. Let's see how many thank you cards will be in order to send to the kings overseas. I appreciate your item.

There was a comment about why couldn't the lawn care services in the area get together or at least take the time and mow and weedeat at the Sikeston Memorial Park Cemetery. Why should they? Who is going to pay them to do it? The owners of the cemetery should be paying somebody and they are not doing it. I feel for all the families that have people buried there but it is not the city's place to go in and make this correction. It is the owners of the cemetery.