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Speakout 5/11

Thursday, May 11, 2006

We would like to extend our appreciation to the city workers of Morehouse who cut down the big tree in the back of our mother's yard that had fallen during the storm. Thanks bunches. We really appreciate you. Gloria and Rodney Shell.

Well now Mr. Moore, I see those Cubbies have sank to the basement. But I guess your used to that.

No abuse here

I was reading in SpeakOut about Work being the best antidepressant where the person worked for a healthcare and they said Medicaid recipients abused the privileges. Well, I'm a single mother. My husband got me pregnant twice, left me both times. We've been divorced and remarried. I can't work because I have three children. Two of them are twins and were in the hospital for two and one half months because of my husband. I don't abuse my privileges. I can work, I am very able to work, but I have to take care of my children. Therefore, I am on Medicaid and welfare. I went to the doctor when I was pregnant and I went to the hospital when I was in labor and my two girls were in the hospital for two and a half months like I said. If it wasn't for Medicaid, then my two girls would be dead. My son was on Medicaid too. But again, this is because me and my son had been put out with nothing. I had no money, no car, nothing. And you want to say that people that are on welfare should be drafted for the military? You are heartless. You are really, really heartless. I agree some people might misuse their privileges, but you don't need to include everybody. You know when my girls get well enough to be able to be with a babysitter, I'm gonna go get a job. But come on, you need to think about what you say before you say it. Use some common sense. You act like you are three or four. It's just really retarded that you want to say that everybody that's on Medicaid abuses their privileges. I'm here to tell you, not everybody does. I'm very thankful for our government. I paid my taxes. I worked my butt off before I met my so called husband before I got pregnant. You need to go back and reevaluate your opinion.

I'm calling about the article about work being the best antidepressant. All Medicaid recipients don't abuse their privileges. I, myself work for VNA full time five to six days a week. I barely have time to go to the doctor. I have ailments such as asthma, allergies and also other lung problems, such as bronchitis and emphysema. I get up every day and bust my tail to go to work. All Medicaid recipients do not abuse the system. There might be a few that do, there might be more than a few, but for the ones that do get up and work our tails off, our benefits should not be cut. We have to send in paper work every three months showing how much we make so we can continue to receive our benefits. Not only do I receive benefits for myself, my two children receive benefits because working in this world insurance prices are entirely too much. You have bills to pay and on top of insurance premiums and the insurance premiums outweigh your bills at times. So as far as the article in SpeakOut, people need to talk what they know and the one that was in there the other day, people ought to mind their own business and people would get along. I'm speaking out for myself. I've read these articles for months now and I've been agitated. I'm to the point of agitation that I can't take it anymore. Mind your business. I'm a taxpayer myself and I would appreciate it if people would just stick their nose in their own business and sweep around their own front door before they try to sweep around anyone else's.

Could you please find out who is responsible for the parking lot for the Post Office in Sikeston? It is utterly ridiculous the shape that parking lot is in. I would like to find out who is in charge of it and call them and find out why something can't be done about it.

The front parking lot and half of the back parking lot are the Post Office's responsibility. U.S. Bank is responsible for the west side of the parking lot according to sources at the Sikeston Post Office, who wish to remain anonymous.