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Speakout 11/13

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I'm talking about all these obese children in the Heartland. Wendy Ray is always talking about all these obese children. Well, they wouldn't be obese if they had lived 50 years ago. They would have a hoe handle in their hand from May to September and they would be walking to school in the cold and the rain and the snow. They would also be doing chores outside the home, mowing the yard and raking leaves. Hey, I was there once and I know. I was a slender, slender person. I wasn't obese because I worked. I didn't sit with a controller on my hand playing video games and sipping on a Pepsi and eating corn chips dipped in ranch dip.

I would like for someone to put in the paper who I get in touch with concerning Wendell Apartments. I have needed to speak to someone in the office several times and I can never catch anyone in the office. And, this past week nobody was there. If they're not going to have anyone in the office, what are those little people gonna do if they need something? If somebody has information who I need to contact put it in speakout. I am concerned about the people.

I know this is early since we are still in the year 2005, but we have elections coming up in 2008. Many of you are probably upset with the Democrats and the Republicans and won't vote at all. Well, I urge you to look at third party candidates. What we need is a third party candidate as our next president. If Hillary Clinton runs, John McCain runs or whoever, what we need to do is say neither one of you will do and choose a third party candidate as our next president.

If you are tired of being choked by field fire smoke, don't call speakout and gripe about it. It won't do you any good. Don't bother to contact your Republican state representative, it won't help. If Tony Heckemeyer had his wish, and all of our local and state officials were Democrats, it still wouldn't matter. No one has the guts to stand up to the farm lobby on this issue. Instead, contact Leanne Tippett Mosby of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Air Quality Division and complain to her. Her official email address is leanne.tippet.mosby@dnr.mo.gov. Don't bother to contact the EPA either. They do not have any rules regarding open burning, contrary to popular belief. Ms. Mosby at DNR is the only place you will get any results or genuine concern, but she has to know you exist.

All I got to say is there are sure are a bunch of gripey, whiney people in this area. Quit your belly aching and do something about your situations instead of griping. That don't get nothing done. No wonder this country has gone to the dogs. Nobody wants to do anything for themselves. They just want to sit back and let everybody else do it for them. Get with the program.

I just wanted to compliment your college columnists, Sam DeReign and Michelle Felter. I look forward to reading their columns whenever they appear.