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SpeakOut 3/25

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Call 471-6636

I feel a need to address those in positions of authority in the city of Sikeston. I don't understand the lack of action on your part to enforce the state laws and local ordinances. How can you continue to turn a blind eye to the violators and a deaf ear to those who are adversely affected by the violators? I'm sure local law enforcement does what they can, but when violators are given nothing more than a nominal slap on the wrist, it's bound to be frustrating. Their attitude must be, "What's the point?" The lack of concern and lack of action by those in authority are the reasons this once beautiful, safe little town is decaying. Shame on you at City Hall and God help Sikeston.

I am outraged at how fast people drive down residential streets. I live on Auburn Drive in Sikeston and the speed limit is 30 mph. I can sit in my living room and about every other car that drives by is going so fast I can barely make out what the car even was! This includes business vehicles. I wish people would slow down because there are a lot of children who live on my street, including my own. Just think about how awful you would feel if you ran over a child! Take some responsibility for your actions and slow down people.

I'd like to speak out about our candidates for president. We've only got three choices, Obama, Hillary Clinton and McCain. Why don't we have any other choices? I don't want any of those people. I don't understand why we can't have someone that can really do the job. That's all we've got to vote for so I'm not going to vote for none of these people.

I suggested three or four years ago that the city put in a bike trail from Salcedo to the the Sikeston industrial park. That would allow hundreds of workers to save money on gas by riding their bicycles to work safely. It would not just be used by people on the weekends but would be used every single day of the week that weather permits. But what does the City of Sikeston want to do, put in a walk way that has absolutely no benefit to the people of Sikeston except for enjoying a little walk in the sun on Saturday or Sunday. If people are going to the complex they will be carrying equipment so they can enjoy what is at the complex. Put this money where it serves the people in a useful efficient way, not to pretty up that area for the leaders to drive by and praise themselves for again wasting our money.

Charity only helps assuage the conscience of those who have taken more than their share in an economy designed to create millions of poor people. If you really want to help the poor, change the system. Europeans, Japanese, Cubans, Canadians don't even have to think about health care, education, old age pensions or transportation. The United States system is a real screw-job for the common man.

I'm through with KFVS News with their constant live, local and late breaking. It's gone on now too long. I've written them three times now asking them to get another logo, but they have refused. I've heard other people complain about it too. If they ever change, I might come back to them sometime. But I think it's just stupid.

I'm calling about the rebate checks we are supposed to be getting. Some people have told me they received letters. Does it mean you are not going to receive a rebate check if you don't get a letter? I filed taxes this year and they said that everyone that filed taxes was supposed to get money back.

This is in regard to the person that wrote to SpeakOut wondering if all the gays and military people were voting for Obama. Well, for their information, there is a lot of people on disability and they do draw food stamps. You know what, I'm not voting for Obama or Hillary Clinton. I'm voting for Scooby Doo.