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Speakout 10/19

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm calling in regards to the lady wondering where she could get a flag display case. I'm from Morley and I bought one for my father-in-law's flag at Hobby Lobby in Cape and it fits perfect.

I'm regarding the topic about all these diseases they are finding out about, all these communicable diseases. I am just really wondering if all these people coming from overseas, if some of these diseases are not being brought over here by products being made overseas, with other people coming over here. I just don't think they are real particular anymore with people coming in. They just let anybody in and anybody out. I think that is why all these diseases are suddenly flaring up right before our eyes. And, I really, really think that this foreign trade, and people coming over here and selling things in America, I think that's got a whole lot to do with it.

I would like to speak out about the Cotton Carnival, and I know there are many people who feel as I do. I don't understand why they don't have it downtown. There's more room than there used to be. They say there's not room, but there is room. It was so much fun, a great tradition, everyone looked forward going to it, and it was set up so great. Stage was in the middle with the bleachers right across from it, and everyone really enjoyed it. Now we feel just like we are going to a carnival that just comes through town. It doesn't feel like the Cotton Carnival at all, and it hasn't ever since it left downtown. If there's any way possible, please put it back downtown so we can enjoy the Cotton Carnival like we've been used to all our lives, so our kids can see how wonderful it used to be. Please change it back.

This is in response to the editorial of Sunday, Oct. 9th, "We must sacrifice to pay today's bills." Several solutions were listed by Michael Jensen, all very good and necessary. BUT, why not reduce some of the billions we send to other countries and how about taking salary cuts instead of raises each year? Also, reducing their exorbitant retirement pensions? Some of these amount to $l million a year. We must act on this now.

I'm calling about the comments made in Speakout about Parris Tipler. I am a graduate of East Prairie High School. I played football and basketball at East Prairie High School. I am proud to have Paris Tipler an East Prairie Eagle. My son is a junior on the East Prairie football team. He is a good friend of my son, they have grown up together. And, he has often time proud to be a teammate of Paris Tipler. I am grateful that a young man like this is on our team and those that are complaining are more or less jealous. Or possibly, some one on the team is not getting the recognition they think of. I'm proud of Paris Tipler and I hope he succeeds in life. I hope East Prairie Eagles rally around Paris Tipler and help him succeed in life.