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Speakout 4/8

Friday, April 8, 2005

I am speaking out on this person who wrote in the paper about Terri Schiavo. They think her husband should make all the decisions. I think they are dead wrong because this mother and daddy are the ones that gave birth to that daughter, he didn't. He wouldn't have had her if they hadn't brought her into this world.

- - -

This is in response to the Speakout that was in the paper on March 30. I believe it probably is the parents' decision. I feel in life that a parent is always there - through thick and thin. They gave you birth. They are yours. Sometimes when you marry into a situation, even though they were married for 15 years, you know a husband doesn't have totally say so in the life of the girl on life support. It is a very sad situation and I don't feel that one person should hold that responsibility. Is anybody really capable, can they really take a life? No one can take a life but God and when God is ready to take hers, he will.

This is about Terri Schiavo. I sat down to eat tonight to eat my supper and every time I eat I think of this poor woman. I don't know what our world is coming to to actually starve this woman to death like they are doing. It really touches my spirit. It really bothers me very much spiritually and every other way it has affected me knowing that our country is starving this poor woman to death. If this woman was on a respirator I could see that but to remove tube that gives this poor woman nourishment, I don't know what to think. I pray that God has mercy on our country and on our political leaders and on anybody that would want this poor woman to die. I just don't know what this world is coming to.

- - -

I saw the comment in the March 30 Speakout about Terri Schiavo. It said it wasn't anyone's business to interfere between a husband and wife. First of all, the husband married Mrs. Schiavo for better or worse. He had a woman on the side so why didn't he give her back to her family. I would hate to be seen by him if there was someone who was trying to hurt me and he feels that people should mind their own business. The judge and attorney should face prison time or worse for murder because that is what it was. People go to jail for not feeding or watering an animal. She was treated worse than an animal. Could you pull the plug on a family member like that. I guess you don't have a conscience.

There is only one God and Michael Schiavo is not God. What he did to Terri's family is very unfair. Like Mrs. Schiavo's mother said to Michael during that interview: "You and her have children together, please give me my daughter back." I'm going to tell you something - Michael Schiavo is a very inhuman person. He has no soul. He has no heart. One of these days there is going to be a place for him and it one word and it starts with an H. I normally don't judge people but in his case he is not a people, he is a thing.

I just got through crying my eyes out. I saw on the TV where Terri Schiavo died. She was literally murdered and starved to death by our government. I'm scared to death because I have slightly retarded daughter who is disabled. This scares me to death. It truly shows that the end of time is coming. Our Lord is getting ready to come. He must be when people literally can take and starve people to death and said it is OK because they are disabled. I am scared to death because of my little girl. She is 41 years old, the same age as Terri Schiavo. I love her to death. They told me one time that she was going to be a vegetable but she wasn't. She is up and walking around and doing everything now. If I would have listened to those doctors, she would have been Terri Schiavo maybe. I don't understand why they couldn't let her live.