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Your view: We were wrong

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I have been watching television programs and news stories lately concerning the new fad of "Let's go with the popular crowd and welcome home the Vietnam vets." While I am not opposed to paying honor to our nation's men and women in uniform, I can't help feeling angry after how the Vietnam veterans were treated at the time and for decades thereafter. I was married to a career military man and I can tell you even their families were treated like so much filth. When my husband was stationed away from home I found it almost impossible to either rent or buy a home. No one wanted to have anything to do with military people or their families. After sacrificing so many things to serve our country, which had no problem allowing the war protesters, Hollywood and the slimy politicians they helped elect treat those brave men and women with the scorn one treats mad dogs or garbage. I lost my husband who paid the final sacrifice to an illness contracted due to the service he gave to his country. This country should have started showing their appreciation for them when they were still alive. There are so many that died whose names will never appear on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Thousands died due to service-connected illnesses or injuries. There were a lot of suicides that might never have happened in my opinion if this country's misfit, trashy protesters had not been so evil and hounded and betrayed the trust of the men and women fighting to preserve their right to disagree. There are disagreements to policies, laws, etc., but what the peacenicks did was traitorous, mean-spirited and just un-American. They're also the same people who spearheaded and allowed the unacceptable rise of immorality of this country. Yes, support our military and those who serve in it, but at least admit that we were wrong by not backing and understanding our Vietnam veterans.

Shirley Wagner