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Speakout 9/1

Thursday, September 1, 2005

I recently drove through a MoDOT construction site on the interstate. I happen to notice these people have no toilet facilities, no place to wash their hands. Is there some kind of law that says this has to be done?

"The rule is, if someone needs to use the restroom, they take a vehicle to the nearest facility like a gas station or a MoDOT maintenance building," said Jill Fetters, senior risk management technician for the Missouri Department of Transportation. Fetters said before her present position, she spent 12 years on a striping crew, "so I know what it is like to look for a restroom."

"Most of the time for lunch, they usually shut down and go somewhere," she added. "On the big jobs, they often do their lunches in shifts so everybody is not gone at the same time." Also, MoDOT furnishes drinking water for all work crews, according to Fetters.

This is to the "Look Deeper" person. I hear it all the time, someone's blaming this political group, someone's blaming that one. If you really want to know the truth, then here it is. Both parties, rather they are Republicans or Democrats, are only into politics for one reason and one reason only, to fatten up their wallets! Neither party cares for the "poor hard working Americans." The only time they care for you is when you give them a big fat donation for their group. They'll tell you anything to get your vote. I have voted for both parties at one time or another and every time, it's been the same. They tell you one thing, almost preach it! Then they turn around once in office, they do a 180 on you and everyone else who voted for them! Wake up! No one cares about you or the poor, unless you are rich and you make contributions to them. Still, they don't care for you. How can someone care for someone that they don't even know their name(s)? It doesn't matter if they are Republicans or Democrats either! Apparently you are a Democrat, so tell me, do you have a Democrat in office who comes to your home and has dinner with you? Or how about one that calls you up out of the blue ( besides election time!) and has a normal everyday conversation with? No, I doubt you do, as not many around here does. The only political "leaders" around here are very small "leaders" which means, they are for a very small group of people. Unfortunately, the poor people are a very large group. Too large for any one political party to stand or handle! Anyone who thinks one particular group over another is any better, really doesn't know anything about politics at all!

Is there an organization in the Sikeston area for abused children. If so please print the address. I want to help and hope that everyone in Sikeston wants to as well.

We contacted the Missouri Children's Division, 106 Arthur St., Suite B in Sikeston. To report abuse, you can call the hotline 1-800-392-3738. To volunteer or offer help call 472-5222. "There is always a need for good foster homes and adoptive parents," said Larry Lacey, supervisor.