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Speakout 3/19

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I would like to complain about the loud explosions I am hearing today. This is on a Sunday afternoon about 1 p.m. I believe this is a Civil War reenactment, but the explosions are so loud that they are disturbing people here in Sikeston. People that are sick and have to rest are being disturbed. If you're going to arrest people for having loud music in their cars, then you better arrest people for exploding these cannons.

I want to thank ole Jensen for the piece he put in the paper this week about the parking signs. I think it's a waste of money to change anything like this when we've already got it. I think he's right on the ball. It's pitiful the way we're wasting our money. I don't know Peter Myers, but if he voted against it, that was the right thing to do in my book and the rest of them should've done the same thing. We don't need them spending our money that way.

I get tired of hearing would you rather ride with Kennedy or go with Bush or Cheney. You know, Kennedy isn't President. The morals you're talking about. Well, what kind of morals do you have when you lie about the war you started and getting people killed? If that's morals, then you haven't got any. And as far as old people driving and killing people, I think that most of them are better drivers than those young kids of yours.

Don't you listen to the news? Fifty-eight percent of the people in this country don't approve of Bush. Our service people are being killed or maimed by explosions, not combat fighting. As for sending more money to Iraq, No. Keep our money here. Send it down to Louisiana and Mississippi. They need help. They need homes. Iraq has enough oil money to rebuild itself. They want us out of there. Bring our people home and keep our money here.

This is to the crazy person who wrote about the noise ordinance. Are you crazy? You're going to get a lawyer? There is a law against noise ordinance. The west end has improved at least 95 percent in the last three years. There are just some that just will not obey the law. As long as the law is not obeyed, you should be arrested and your vehicle should be towed. That should send some kind of message. I don't understand ignorant people who think they can continue to break the law and it not be their fault, but the police's fault. The police are doing their job. There are people down here who don't want to hear your music and I am one of them. We can not rest at night and we can not have peace during the day. So just read the signs, there all over the streets, they're everywhere. Teach your children to obey the law. That is all you are doing is teaching your children and your siblings to break the law. And get a lawyer? Why pay extra money for that? Pay your fine, take the system out of your car and do right.