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Speakout 5/12

Friday, May 12, 2006

This is about the antidepressant article. I am one of those taxpayers that has a job that works seven to eight hours a day. As far as you paying our bills, no you are not. You are paying some people's bills. You need to get that information correct. Everyone who has a red card does not sit on their hind end and do nothing all day. Some of us do have enough sense to get up and find a job and work to help support our family. So they are taking my tax money as well as yours, so you're not paying the bills all by yourself. I have bills that are behind due to the fact that we have to meet certain quotas and costs. I have no problem with that because the insurance that me and my children have is safe and we will be provided the medical services that we need. As far as the ambulance rides, I've seen silly ambulance rides for things also, but some of those rides may be necessary due to the fact that some of the family members do not have transportation. What are they supposed to do lay at home and die or hurt all day? That is not fair to that person. Now, as far as sending people to the military, I think you need to go yourself and learn yourself a lesson or send yourself to boot camp or something to that effect. You just can't ship everyone off to the military because they don't want to work. As far as this public transportation, they do provide that. But hey, how are they supposed to get to work if they don't have transportation to get to and from where they need to go? If you are concerned about someone needing to find a job, why don't you provide them with transportation to work and you can claim it on your taxes in 2007?

This is in response to the article about Democrats needing a handout. My family wasn't blessed with a family trust fund or brilliant minds to make millions. In my family, one person has gone to college. I'm 20 and I'm never getting the chance to go to college and that's fine with me because I don't hold a grudge and complain about my circumstances. When I see someone that lives very comfortably, I feel happy for them. I don't curse them for having money. Why curse the ones who don't? Get over it and move one. Life is too precious to waste complaining. Instead, enjoy it and live happy.

I'm calling about the hummingbirds. I've had them for a month and I've had them early in the morning. I've got three feeders up and I always see them in the early morning hours.

- - -

The hummingbirds are back on Pam Street in Heckemeyer Acres fighting over the feeders. They're here.

- - -

We live outside of Benton. We've had our hummingbird feeders out for the past two weeks and despite the storms, the hummingbirds they are here. They are coming by the dozens.

- - -

In response to the hummingbirds, I live in Sikeston city limits, I have had them at my feeders for a couple of weeks now. So, they're here. Get your feeders out and hope they find them. Good luck.

There is a Cadillac key with a remote at Restart. However, it wasn't mine. If you happen to find another one, please call 620-3925.

Over two-thirds of the Mexicans that are working in Sikeston are illegal. I'd like to know why the local cops have nothing about it.