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Speakout 9/30

Friday, September 30, 2005

I just wanted to speak out about the President's Address last night. I don't know why I thought it would be any different then it was, but now he wants us to pay this money back? Everyone knows that the President, along with Congress and the Senate and every other politician out there are tax exempt! Now, how fair is that? I guess when us taxpayers aren't able to afford to work, I guess then they'll pay for it themselves. How can anyone be taxed so much? Why didn't us, taxpayers, have a right to vote on this issue? I think it should of been considered a loan and not "free money" to them. We gave our time, our money, and our possessions to these people. Now we're gonna have to pay for what the President and Congress decided to donate to them? I say, impeach everyone of them if that's going to be the case. Or just border New Orleans off all together. Everyone knows that even if the GPA says the water is clean, it will never be a clean community. Everything will be absorbed by the ground, the trees, the concrete, etc. You can not get rid of every disease out there. Even if you bleached the whole town! It's enough to make hard workers just want to go on strike or quit their jobs! Won't be long and we won't be able to afford to work cause of all the taxes! Not to mention, high gas prices! So, it's easy to say "let the taxpayers pay", especially when you are considered tax exempt!

I would like to speak out on the Fire Capt. Armstrong here in Miner. A couple of weeks ago he was working an accident where traffic had started building up. It so happened that the ex-fire chief happened by to help him direct traffic and the lady council member of that ward over there had walked up on the scene and saw the ex-fire chief, told him to get his blank out of there, and looked over at the captain and hold him that she would "deal with him later" (which they did call a special meeting). I think it is a disgrace to fire a police officer who has the authority. If he did not ask the ex-fire chief to help him direct traffic, he should have. I think he should have given that council lady a ticket for obstructing the scene or justice or whatever you want to call it. She did not have any business telling him how to run his job.

"Since this is a personnel matter by law it cannot be discussed and shall remain confidential," responded Mitch Thompson, Miner's mayor. "We are here to help with all your questions. Call us at 471-8520."

In response to the woman who called in about watching the workers. I have never heard anything so crazy, why should they care if you're skinny or not it's not them hiring you. To talk about someone's weight is just wrong. You have no idea why that person is big, just like they don't know why you are skinny and more than likely they don't even care. I would not hire you as an employee because you sound like everyone owes you, just a little tip for you get off of yourself!

I just wanted to say , I think October 1st should become recognized as "Don't Speakout Day". We all need to just take a deep breath and hold it. For a while too, for some of us. Hold it until you can't remember what it was you were going to gripe about. Hold it until you can't even remember you're holding your breath. Hold it until you've learned how not to talk so much. Some things really are better left unspoken.

It was in Tuesday's paper asking about Sikeston - Charleston football game. It was 1958. I lived two blocks from the school. There was 4 inches of snow.

Someone wrote in one time that they wished the poor people would love the President. If you're poor, you don't have enough money to pay for all these campaign ads. If you're willing to support me, I'm a Democrat. I'm against gays, against taking out the Ten Commandments and I'm against abortion. If you're willing to support me, get back to me in speak out and I'll be willing to run. I'm tired of living one check to another and I will pull all those people back from Iraq and let them come home.

When you read the paper in the sports section, you would think there are only one or two players on the team because all they talk about is the same ones over and over again. There are more people on the team than the same ones you keep mentioning.