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Speakout 9/18

Sunday, September 18, 2005

This is a grandmother here in Morehouse. I have a grandson that was in a certain church in Morehouse, I won't mention it's name. The Sunday school teacher there pulled him up by his arm and dragged him out of his chair, because he wasn't being good. It's the idea they are jumping on to him before he did anything, and they were very rude to him. Since I'm a member of that church, I'm confused. I don't know whether I should keep going to this church or I should change. Apparently, the pastor is on this woman's side. She's not even a member of the church. Could somebody please respond to this and tell me what to do about this situation? I'm very confused. I thought we were supposed to teach our children the love of God and not wrath.

I have a solution to help the thousands of survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Have all pro athletes, all politicians, movie and tv stars, tv reporters and big companies that make over $500,000 take a family in their homes for permanent living quarters. We have paid your enormous salaries for years. Now it is time to repay your debt to society.

I was shopping the other night. I have only a few dollars to spend. I'm on a fixed income and a budget. I saw three different young people with two full shopping carts full of food. They were young and they were healthy. My question is when in the world is our government and state going to put a stop to this? I mean these people were able to work. We the working people are having trouble providing for our families. We're on a tight budget. We have to make every dollar count. I don't understand why in the world these deadbeats can still keep receiving benefits from the family service or welfare or whatever you want to call it. They live from generation to generation on welfare. These people are able to work. They had two shopping carts full of food and it wasn't generic either, it was expensive food. If you are disabled and unable to work, I can see it. But, these people were young and healthy. I don't understand why the government don't crack down on these people. Put them to work or tell them to get a job or something. There has to be a stopping point. We the taxpayers keep paying for these deadbeats to lay up in bed and keep having children. I don't mean to rude or disrespectful, but there has to be a stopping point to this.

I'd like to reply to Mike Marshall's comment about taking money out of New Madrid county and the carpetbaggers. Last time I checked, Sikeston is not the only place supporting Wal Mart and other places. It's everyone in New Madrid county, too. When you go to Cape and you pay sales tax, it stays there.

I've had some hard times in my life. I've lost my house and my job and basically everything I had. I've been setting in my house and thinking how could my life get any worse than it is. I turn the news on, and see what happened in Mississippi and Louisiana, and I think my life could be so much worse than it is now. I thank God for the home I have now, the little bit of food I have in my refrigerator, and that my children are safe, healthy and happy. I think all of us should remember how fortunate we are and think how things could always be worse than what they are. We should all be there for one another. I do feel ashamed for the pity I have felt for myself when others have it a lot worse than I could ever imagine. And I pray for everyone that is suffering right now. And I hope that everyone pulls together, and contributes and prays and helps in any way that they can.

I understand this fall sometime there is gonna be a convergence of the planets. Mars is going to be closer to the earth than its been in the last 1000 years. And love will be in air. When this happens, we need to watch and see what it looks like to see Mars. You need to give us the full story on what to look for.