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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Speakout 8/19

Friday, August 19, 2005

To all the speeders on Highway H here in Blodgett. Your tag numbers are being taken down and reported to the highway patrol. I would advise you to watch your speed as you are coming through this little old town.

To the family of Dean Hasty wishes to express their appreciation to the Vanduser Church of God people for the benefit meal they had for him. We also say thank you to all the friends and relatives who attended and the generous donation. It was a God send to help pay for his hospital bills.

All questions and complaints about disability fraud should be addressed to one group, the doctors. Nobody qualifies for disability without the cooperation of a doctor. Nobody puts one over on the system without a doctor. The doctor's opinion is the beginning and the end of it.

My sister said a hearing aide called "Hummingbird" was on TV. If you have or anyone saw it, please put in the Speakout about it. I have a hearing problem. I need to know about it. I haven't seen it yet.

I want to Speakout about our great United States president and about the conservative party. They have conserved our gas, they have conserved our jobs, they have conserved our food sources, they have conserved us to death and they talk about the Democrats' taxes. Go buy a gallon of gas. I would rather pay you a few cents in taxes than pay a $1 extra a gallon of gas. It is ridiculous. And he is getting those men killed over there, the young men and women in Iraq killed for nothing? He is not proving anything over there. It is going to be another Vietnam. Something needs to be done to him. Someone needs to do something now. And it doesn't look like the conservatives are going to wake up because they are too big of a chicken.

I've never called Speakout before and I have written anything out. It may take me a little while to get to my point but I do have one and I will get there. I was born in Sikeston. I used to ride in the grand entry when I was a young girl. I am the wife of a former Jaycee, the mother of a current Jaycee. It has just come to my attention that taser guns were used on at least two young men, possibly three, at the rodeo Wednesday night. As I understand it, and I wasn't there, it was about 11:30 and all the lights were on. These young men who were tasered with 50 thousand volts were probably drinking some beer. My question is, when did it become life-threatening to police officers for 18, 19-year old young men to be drinking beer at the rodeo. I know it is illegal but it is not life threatening. That is when I thought taser guns were suppose to be used. I appreciate our police officer, I love this town but somebody needs to chill.

This regarding "Mind your own business" article that was in Wednesday's paper. Whoever you are, we obviously have known the same person. I wanted to say thank you for your statement. Many have chosen to focus on the weakness and failures of others, having never walked a mile in their shoes or asking how they could help lift their burden if only just for a little while. I knew this man and carried his burdens for as long as he would allow me to. He had kind spirit and gentle manner and gave to others in ways that many are unaware of. He went without often because of this kind spirit. He was a giving, caring and loving spirit that is now gone and I agree with mind your own business, because this man finally has some peace.