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Speakout 2/21

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's time for you to do a little better job on researching SEMO and quit taking Rep. Jetton to task. People are learning how to do in-depth research via the computer these days and not take what the news media says as actual truth.

Bridge over tracks

I have been reading the SpeakOut about the train problem in Sikeston. The only solution to the problem would be to build the train tracks above the town so that the streets would be under the train tracks so that the train would not interfere with the traffic of Sikeston, and no need for the train whistle to awaken people asleep. Only problem is, that would cost way more money than the train company or Sikeston would be willing to spend.

If any school group still collects Campbell soup labels, leave your name and address and I will mail them to you.

I was really surprised to see the front page of the Standard this year with the Valentine story. Now I am reading your paper on line and the story by David Jenkins is pretty stupid also. I work in a florist I know for a fact we spend money with your paper to advertise, along with the other florists in town. This is pretty much a slap in the face to us. We are not the ones who invented the holiday, but you sure would think so from the articles that has been put in your paper about it. Looks like you could find something better to write about instead of trying to hurt some of your local businesses. Lord knows Sikeston needs all the business they can get. I just thought it was pretty tacky on your part. Of course that probably does not mean a thing to you or anyone else there.

Stupid? I sure hope I didn't buy flowers at your florist.

This is for the ladies that have a credit card with their husband, however the card is in their husband's name. Even though they mail her a card with her name down at the bottom of it, the account is still in his name, address and phone number. For your information, you are not a valid credit card holder as far as credit businesses are concerned. If you go to check out your credit rating, you do not exist. If your husband dies, no matter if you have worked five, 10, 15 years, as long as he has, paid all the bills, it doesn't mean a thing. You don't mean anything because your name is not on the account up there. The credit card bill may be mailed to Mr. and Mrs. but it doesn't matter. Your name has to be there, like Bill and Mary or something like that.

I told you Dick Cheney was one of the most dangerous men in America. Look what happened down in Texas. He didn't even have a sticker to be hunting, but he got away with it. Every time they talk to him, he's a laughing and acting plum ignorant. The next thing he'll do is take ole Dubya with him and it'll be fatal 'cause he wants to be President more than anything in the world. If Dubya gets shot, then Cheney will get to be President for two years, then things will really go to hell in a hand basket. He knows people won't elect him and that's the only way he can get in to office. He's dangerous.