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Speakout 8/1

Monday, August 1, 2005

I am interested in a used, commercial-type popcorn popper. Can you leave some information in Speakout?

I am referring to the article on the front page of Sunday's paper on the many teachers that have to find summer jobs. Well, thank God. They sit in an air conditioned building nine months a year. If they worked at a factory and worked minimum wage they would have to find another job to make ends meet. And believe me, most factories are not air conditioned like the schools are today. I don't believe they have it so bad. The reason they have to have the extra job is because they have these $100,000 homes and they buy cars every two or three years. They don't have anything to worry about. Spend 12 hours in a factory with the sweat running down their face and then they would think they had it bad.

I would like to say thanks to the police officer in Sikeston who I forgot his name. I had a problem Friday night and he did the best he could. But I got everything taken care of. He came back Sunday night to make sure I received my property that was taken and everything was OK. I am sorry I forgot his name but I just wanted to say thanks and God bless him and the whole police department.

Another fact on Medicaid. Some social security recipients pay for Medicaid. Some premiums are over $200 a month.

A certain Speakout caller is grossly misinformed as to what hospice care is all about. All of the services provided by hospice are designed to put the patients comfort first and the family second. There is never a time when a patient is starved to death. Hospice does nothing to cause death. Hospice improves life at a time when all else isn't working. If your caller or anyone else would like information about the true services of hospice, they can call me at 471-0520. I am the director of VNA Hospice and would like to talk with you. VNA Hospice staff and volunteers provide support and care to promote the quality and care we all want for ourselves and our loved ones.

I agree with Sunday's Speakout caller about Hardee's. Paris Hilton in a commercial about family restaurants: bad taste. What were they thinking? I'm not eating there either. Although, I don't mind the baby commercial so much. It is kind of cute.

- - -

I have to agree with the Speakout caller who complained about the commercial from Hardee's. That was just really sleazy.

Medicaid reform, that is a joke. Making a man pay for his child. That is another joke. What we need to do in the lovely state of Missouri is, one mother has one child if she is not married and dependent on the state. The next time this happens there is no more help and no more send-ins. One time, that's it.

- - -

Mike, you had a good editorial on Medicaid births to unwed mothers. You're talking about going after the unwed fathers which would cost a whole lot of money. Why don't they just cut it down to where a woman has her first child, they pay for it, take her fingerprints and tell her then she had better buy something to keep the kids from coming because they are not going to pay for anymore of them. That way it wouldn't cost them any money.

When I was cooking on the riverboat a boy got bit by a brown recluse spider and he wouldn't get off the boat and the spider was already eating a hole in his arm. I tried a known remedy from some years ago where I put bacon grease on boils and things like that. I convinced him to tape the bacon grease over the brown recluse spider bite and leave it for two days. When we unwrapped it, the poison had come out in the bacon grease and had eaten a hole completely through the bacon grease. I attached a fresh piece of bacon grease and after three or four days the hole was completely gone. I just thought you would like to know about that or anybody that has got bit by a recluse spider. Try it.