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Speakout 3/5

Sunday, March 5, 2006

I've got an idea. Considering the gigantic size of the intersection of Salcedo Road and North Kingshighway, the city should put a roundabout in there to improve the flow of traffic at that four way stop.

Bring our service people home. They are in the middle of a civil war. They are not trained for that. Since when is Bush supposed to be leader of the world? He didn't know what he was getting in to when he went to that war. All of our money going over there is disappearing and no one is looking for it. Or we financing the terrorists? How can the greatest country in the world be so dumb? I don't want my children going to war. Bush's don't go over there.

This is in response to the plum ignorant SpeakOut on Feb. 21. To think Dick Cheney intentionally shot the person he was with is plum ignorant on their part. Hunting accidents happen everyday in the United States. This one just happened to make the public news.

Be sure and watch when you check out at some of these stores with scanners, because you won't get everything you pay for. The girl puts it in the sacks on them rings, and when you get home she has forgotten to put the last sack or two in your cart. You get home, and it's about 30 miles away, have to turn around and go back, and they don't know nothing about it. It's just best if you sack your own stuff or go to another store.

There is no community where goodness, simplicity and truth are absent. Especially from the community leaders.

I was calling about the boy who got arrested two weeks ago on a murder charge. I noticed it said in the paper that he had a red Tahoe and that it was on 24-inch chrome rims and that in 2005 he pleaded guilty on a drug charge. But, it never listed all the good things he was doing like he was attending Lincoln University and he was currently working. I'm just wanting to know why you all always print bad things about people, but don't ever put the good things in?

"Good things" aren't listed on Case.net.

I would like to speak out on the black on black crime here in Sikeston. You see, we love Martin Luther King and wanted to follow his dream. We can't even love ourselves. We need to take a look at what is going on and do something about it.

Yes, if that church wanted to have a halfway house, why didn't they put it out by that church they are building instead of a residential area where there is elderly people and children? You never know who is in a halfway house.