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Speakout 3/7

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

A recent SpeakOut caller asked if I would prefer to go hunting with Dick Cheney or riding in a car with Ted Kennedy. I choose neither. Whether it's George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, or Ted Kennedy, Republican or Democrat, a drunk is a drunk.

I laugh aloud after reading so many of you slam anything Republican or anything Democrat. Many of you have no idea what your party really stands for or is doing. That is what is wrong with voters today. We know nothing about the politicians we vote for except what party they are. You cannot depend on advertisements around election times to decide. Most of them are very misleading or even false. I am sick of both parties right now. Examples: Democrats use to be for the hard working middle class people. Now their main agenda is making non-working people totally dependent on government for all their needs. They push for abortion rights and gay rights. Right now partial birth abortions are a big issue. Democrats want partial birth abortions. That means the baby or fetus is born alive and then is killed. I am sitting here trying to think of anything that I have benefited from in the past several years in results to Democratic action. Nothing! Now for the Republicans. Hmmmm. Well, oil is at a record high giving oil buddies the biggest profits ever, we may be going to have Arabs running our ports, we are fighting a money pit of a war, and we have new medication coverage for Medicare that is ran by big insurance companies for profit. What have the Republicans done for me? Nothing! You see, the middle class is who is really struggling in this country and neither party is willing to do anything about it. I work and try and struggle to pay medical bills and drug bills. Many times I do without some of my medications. That's reality and I accept it. I am not able to go to the dentist or eye doctor that would be extravagant for me. My glasses are 11 years old. I am sick to death of hearing people cry about the government making cuts and now they don't get all of their meds free or some other freebie. If I pay taxes and work and do without so can you. I have not pity for those that do not help themselves. I see many low middle class working people do without medical care, dental care and vision care. Neither party is willing to step in and help those people. Too bad we can't find a Compassionate Christian Politician that cares not for a party name but for you and I.

I just wanted to comment about the ordeal that seems to be brewing in Oran. I don't live there, but I have family there that I visit often. The majority of people in that town are about as rednecked as they come! They think they are above the law for some unknown reason. Well they need to understand that times have and are changing and always will be changing and the time for all their little "illegal" activities going on is over with! You people are too used to getting away with little things which are apparently illegal things or else you wouldn't be complaining about having some protection for your young children who play out in the streets or close by. Or how about when someone wants to try to break into your home? Maybe you don't need any protection at all, maybe you live in a house with bars on the windows and your doors have some sort of electrical shocking device on it so no one will break in. Who knows why the majority of Oran thinks they don't need any sort of law in their town. To me, the only kind of people that think that way are guilty ones.

The police department are always asking people to help them with fugitives and people with warrants. I called and reported where somebody was at and they told me that by the time they called this town or that town they could be gone. It sounded like to me that they didn't even want to make the effort to pick up the telephone to get this fugitive off the streets. And you know something? I ain't gonna worry about the police no more if I know somebodys running around here a fugitive. That's why people don't help the police department, because they don't help their selves. As a good citizen I tried to help the police and they told me they might be gone. Well on the other hand, they might NOT have been gone. That's the BIG point. They may go on to rob or hurt somebody and it's the police department's fault for not going to check on it and pick up these people.